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Video: McNealy and Zander Reflect on Sun Microsystems

In this video, Scott McNealy and Ed Zander reflect on the 29th anniversary of the founding of Sun Microsystems. Recorded at the Churchill Club on February 24, 2011. Watching this video was a bit cathartic for me. As Sun’s HPC Community manager, I spent the last 10 years of my life believing that we could […]

Video: Scott McNealy on Why Sun Failed

[HTML1] In this video from Fortune Magazine, Scott McNealy reflects on why Sun Microsystems failed. Ok, I agree that he should have hired a COO back in the day. It does takes more than great technology to win in the marketplace, especially in high performance computing. For more on this topic, check out this story about […]

Scott McNealy to Advise Hardcore Computer

Hardcore Computer, makers of liquid-cooled server blades, today announced that Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy is serving as an executive advisor to the company. Our industry has experienced the network becoming the computer. Now we are transitioning to Cloud in a Container – closet, basement, or trailer,” said Scott McNealy. “Hardcore Computer and their Liquid Blade […]

CNN Geeks Out on SC10

CNN’s Ann Hoevel has written a nice summary of SC10 in her Geek Out column and she gets a great quote about Exascale from insideHPC founder John West: We’re talking about machines with millions of processors where each processor has 1,000 cores,” said John West, special assistant to the director of the U.S. Army Engineer […]

EM Photonics Annoucnces GA Release of CULA Math Lib

EM Photonics, today, announced the general availability of its CULA accelerated computing math library.  This release includes NVIDIA GPU-accelerated versions of many commonly used LAPACK linear algebra routines.  I had a chance to sit down with EM Photonics CEO Eric Kelmelis here at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. Applications ranging from video games, to medical […]

Rackable Featured on CNBC Tech Effect

Rackable Systems was featured on yesterday’s CNBC Tech Effect news spot.  The overview and subsequent inteview features Rackable’s container data-center designs.  Given the recent series of events surrounding Rackable and Silicon Graphics, the anchors threw in some additional tidbits on the matter. You can watch the video here.

Hyperion in GCN

My friend Joab Jackson has written a good summary of LLNL’s Hyperion effort at Government Computer News One of the biggest challenges for managers of high-production computer systems is testing new code or hardware before it is rolled out across thousands of nodes. Something may work fine on a single server, but it could collapse […]

CNET Interview with Dave Turek

CNET has an interesting with Dave Turek, VP of IBM’s Deep Computing group. The interview covers everything from the competitiveness of the US in the world HPC arena, IBM’s Top500 dominance with the BlueGene and the future of HPC on a global scale. Check it out here.

McNealy: Sun hosts 37% of the world's data

The fine folks over at Washington Technology had an article on Monday about Sun’s growing presence in the government, and DISA’s deal to rent Sun’s computers. There is an interesting quote from Scott McNealy (one of the founders of Sun): First of all, 37 percent of the world’s data is residing on the Sun platform, […]

CNN Money's HPCS coverage emphasizes usability

I have only been peripherally keeping up with what’s going on inside the HPCS program at DARPA, but I was surprised at how strongly this story at CNN slants making supercomputers easier to use as the “point” of the recent IBM/Cray announcement. This is a good thing, though. As “universal intellectual amplifiers” (Dan Reed’s phrase, […]