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Increasing the Throughput of your GPU-enabled Cluster with rCUDA


“Although the use of GPUs has generalized nowadays, including GPUs in current HPC clusters presents several drawbacks mainly related with increased costs. In this talk we present how the use of remote GPU virtualization may overcome these drawbacks while noticeably increasing the overall cluster throughput. The talk presents real throughput measurements by making use of the rCUDA remote GPU virtualization middleware.”

This Week in HPC: DOE Labs Come Together on Climate and Latest Cuda Escalates ARMs Race

this week in hpc

In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss the ACME collaboration for climate research. In Part 2, they look at the latest Cuda release with with support for 64-bit ARM processors.

Nvidia Releases CUDA 6.5, Now with 64-bit ARM Support


Today Nvidia released CUDA 6.5, the “latest version of the world’s most pervasive parallel computing platform and programming model.” Available as a free download, version 6.5 of the CUDA Toolkit brings the power of GPU-accelerated computing for the first time to 64-bit ARM platforms.

Get Started Parallel Programming Using CUDA on OS X


Over at QuantStart, Valerio Restocchi has written up a quick guide for installing CUDA 6.0 on OS X.

Clemson Becomes the Latest CUDA Teaching Center

Josh Levine shows how GPUs work in his McAdams Hall office at Clemson University.

Today Clemson University Monday announced that it has been named a CUDA Teaching Center.

CUDA Fortran Managed Memory with PGI 14.7

unified memory

Over at the PGIinsider, Brent LeBack writes that new PGI Compiler release 14.7 enables Unified Memory in CUDA Fortran.

Nvidia Salutes Women Who CUDA


This week Nvidia salutes Women who use CUDA for incredible science and engineering. They’ve compiled 30 profiles so far, and the advice they share from their experiences is quite inspiring. “It’s a good way to remind people that women write code, participate in open-source projects, and invent things,” said Lorena Barba from George Washington University. “It’s important to make the technology world more attractive to female students and show them examples of women who are innovators.”

Increasing the Efficiency of Your GPU-enabled Cluster with rCUDA


“The use of GPUs to accelerate applications is mainstream nowadays, but their adoption in current high performance computing clusters is primarily impaired by the trend of including accelerators in all the nodes of the cluster, as this presents several drawbacks related with increased costs. In this talk we introduce the remote GPU virtualization mechanism, intended to address the drawbacks of GPU computing. The rCUDA remote GPU virtualization framework will also be presented.”

Allinea DDT Debugger Adds Support for NVIDIA CUDA 6


Today Allinea Software today announced that the company’s Allinea DDT 4.2.1 debugging software has been tailored to offer full support for NVIDIA CUDA 6

With Bulk, CUDA Thrust API Now Supports Streams and Concurrent Tasks

Rob Farber

“Bulk leverages Hyper-Q and CUDA streams to run concurrent tasks on the GPU. It lets the programmer describe a parallel task (e.g. sort, for_each, reduction, etcetera) as a hierarchical grouping of execution agents.”