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Micron Demos FPGA and Hybrid Memory Cube Interoperability

System designers can now evaluate the benefits of HMC with FPGAs and SoCs for next-generation computing.

Podcast: Radio Free HPC Looks at FPGAs

In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses the recent buzz surrounding FGPAs. After being sidelined by accelerators, they’re increasingly being used in appliances. Big vendors are talking about FPGAs not only for appliances but for general-purpose systems as performance assists. Are we headed back to the future? The guys discuss the ins and […]

Video: A Low-Latency Library in FPGA Hardware for High-Frequency Trading

In this video, John Lockwood from Algo-Logic presents: A Low-Latency Library in FPGA Hardware for High-Frequency Trading (HFT). Recorded at the Hot Interconnects 2012 conference in Santa Clara. Current High-Frequency Trading (HFT) platforms are typically implemented in software on computers with high-performance network adapters. The high and unpredictable latency of these systems has led the […]

ParaSplit: A Scalable Architecture on FPGA for Terabit Packet Classification

In this video, Jeffrey Fong presents: ParaSplit: A Scalable Architecture on FPGA for Terabit Packet Classification. Packet classification is a fundamental enabling function for various applications in switches, routers and firewalls. Due to their performance and scalability limitations, current packet classification solutions are insufficient in addressing the challenges from the growing network bandwidth and the […]

Merrick6 FPGA Does HPC at 110 Watts

Enterpoint in the U.K. has announced their latest FPGA solution for HPC. With a desgin based around six Xilinx SpartanTM-6 FPGA processor cells, the Merrick6 offers a high performance, low power, processing solution all in a 2/3 size PCIe card format. The unique combination of FPGA and DDR3 resource in the Merrick6 processing cell allows […]

JP Morgan Fires Up Maxeler FPGA Super

Sooraj Shah writes that Investment bank JP Morgan has deployed a Maxeler dataflow supercomputer to manage the bank’s fixed income trading operations. Using FPGA technology, the system will be used for the analysis and profiling of intra-day trading risk. With the new Maxeler technology, JP Morgan’s trading businesses can now compute orders of magnitude more […]

Video: FPGA Accelerators at JP Morgan Chase

In this video, Peter Richards and Stephen Weston from J.P. Morgan present at the Stanford Computer Systems Colloquium on their use of Maxeler FPGA accelerator technology. As reported here recently, the company recently bought a 20 percent stake in Maxeler, a reflection of how strategic HPC has become on Wall Street.

JP Morgan Uses FPGAs Accelerators for Risk Analysis in Near Real-time

Computerworld UK is reporting that JP Morgan is now able to run risk analysis and price its global credit portfolio in near real-time after implementing Maxeler Technologies FPGA-based accelerators. Prior to the implementation, JP Morgan would take eight hours to do a complete risk run, and an hour to run a present value, on its entire […]

Colfax to Boost Financial Trading Performance with Accelize FPGAs

This week Colfax International announced that the company is now offering Accelize FPGA accelerator cards for HPC applications. These devices can deliver extreme performance on a range of financial trading applications. “With its dual 10G Ethernet links and under 150ns latency integrated TOE, the Accelize XP4S530LP-20G is specifically designed for financial trading applications looking for […]

Nallatech Launches PCIe 2.0 FPGA Card

Nallatech announced their latest addition to their FPGA accelerator card product line today.  The new addition bumps bus support to 8-lane PCI Express 2.0.  The new bus support increases host bandwidth to 5GB/s peak.  The card includes a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA with two banks of QDR-II SRAM for 8GB/s of random access memory.  Two banks […]