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Fujitsu Goes Ceph with ETERNUS CD10000 Storage


Today Fujitsu rolled out their new Petabyte-scale ETERNUS CD10000 storage system.

HPC Wales and Fujitsu Launch Northern Ireland’s First Supercomputing Service


HPC Wales has partnered with global technology firm Fujitsu to launch Northern Ireland’s first high performance computing service.

Fujitsu to Build Post-K Supercomputer for RIKEN in Japan


Today Riken announced that Fujitsu Ltd. has been selected to develop the basic design for Japan’s next-generation supercomputer.

Fujitsu to Build Aziz Cluster at King Abdulaziz University


Today Fujitsu announced that the company will deliver a new supercomputer to King Abdulaziz University (KAU). The 230 Teraflop cluster will be named “Aziz” and will consist primarily of a cluster of FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY CX250 S2 x86 servers and a storage system that includes models from the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS series.

Fujitsu to Launch HPC Competency Center in Bangalore


Fujitsu has announced plans to set up an HPC Competency Center in Bangalore to help scientists and engineers perform advanced computational work.

This Week in HPC: AMD Surprises with High-Performance GPU and Fujitsu Unveils Teraflop SPARC Chip

this week in hpc

In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research look at the new FirePro S9150 GPU from AMD and Fujitsu’s new Teraflop SPARC64 XIfx chip.

Fujitsu Targets 100 Petaflop Supercomputers with SPARC64XIfx


Over at Computerworld, Agam Shah writes that Fujitsu is targeting 100-petaflop supercomputers with its next-generation SPARC64 XIfx chip. In combination with the company’s 12.5 Gbyte/sec Tofu 2 interconnect, the new chip will also feature fabric integration for CPU-to-CPU communications.

Fujitsu Labs Develops 56 Gbps CPU Communications Circuit


This week Fujitsu Laboratories announced a new receiver circuit capable of receiving communications at 56 Gbps, a world-record data rate between CPUs.

Fujitsu Interconnect Wins Imperial Invention Prize


“Fujitsu invented high-dimensional interconnect technology that does not employ partitioning switches. This technology enables failed nodes to be circumvented, with no decline in the level of parallelism that can be executed, and a high level of system availability to be maintained. This technology is being used in the K computer, which interconnects 88,128 nodes, and which was named the world’s top-performing supercomputer in the 37th and 38th editions of the TOP500.”

Fujitsu HPC Powers Tofas Automotive


Today Fujitsu announced that Turkey’s largest automotive manufacturer has deployed the company’s HPC solutions.