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Interview: Altair Joins Forces with Intel to Deliver Hyper-Fast CAE


Altair has teamed up with Intel to take on this challenge and provide a suite of solutions for CAE in HPC. “For many companies it is simply too hard and/or costly to get started with HPC in the first place. Altair addresses this through an easy to use web interface that is application aware (Compute Manager).”

Managing Hyperscale Environments with HP Insight CMU


Bill Cellmaster from HP presented this talk in the Adaptive Computing booth at SC13. “HP Insight Cluster Management Utility (HP Insight CMU) is an efficient and robust hyperscale cluster lifecycle management framework and suite of tools for large Linux clusters such as those found in High Performance Computing (HPC) environments.”

Forget 4K TV – Check out the NASA hyperwall-2


Now that the recent CES Conference has us all thinking that 4K displays are state-of-the-art, I thought it might be a good time to show this video of the hyperwall-2 at NASA. This 128-screen tiled LCD wall is arranged in a 8×16 configuration that measures 23-ft. wide by 10-ft. high. The display system is connected to […]

Reducing Complexity for the Missing Middle with Hyperworks On-Demand


HyperWorks Unlimited is a managed private cloud solution with fully configured hardware and software, offering unlimited use of all Altair software within the appliance. This unique solution provides best-in-class application software, HPC workload management tools, and industry leading licensing and business model to fit your growing simulation needs.

Altair’s Hyperworks Unlimited is a Turnkey Private Cloud for CAE


Procuring, managing and maintaining large HPC clusters is a complex and challenging process, especially for small and medium businesses. HyperWorks Unlimited addresses this issue head-on by providing limitless access to our software within a pre-configured, fully supported hardware appliance for cloud-based simulation.

Altair’s New HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel Speeds Aerodynamics Simulation


We anticipate that the ease, flexibility, accuracy and speed of HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel will make it very popular not only across the auto industry but also in other fields where external aerodynamic simulation is crucial, such as architectural design and construction and wind-turbine development.

Altair HyperWorks 12 Release Focuses on Simulation-Driven Design

Today Altair announced the release of the HyperWorks 12.0 computer-aided engineering platform. With new functionalities and end-user productivity advancements in product optimization, Version 12 has already received accolades from customer beta users. The new 3D capability creates a fully-immersive environment that improves our ability to support conceptual design and analysis efforts,” said Jonathan Gabrys, Technical […]

Netlist Demonstrates Superiority of HyperCloud Memory at SC12

Memory speed is often cited as a bottleneck in modern HPC systems. At SC12, Netlist demonstrated a comprehensive performance benchmark of its HyperCloud (HCDIMM) that showed a 39% greater server throughput compared to an identical system equipped with LRDIMMs. As companies today increasingly process and capitalize on big data, there’s an increasing need for more […]

HyperWorks On-Demand – Altair’s Cloud Vision

In this video, Dale Dunlap, Director, HPC / Cloud Technology at Altair presents: HyperWorks On-Demand: Altair’s Cloud Vision. In the past few years “Cloud Computing” has evolved, and is now fundamentally changing the way that many companies manage their IT resources. High Performance Computing (HPC) in the Cloud presents some unique opportunities and challenges. This […]

How Hyper-Q Will Unleash MPI Codes for Kepler

Over at the Nvidia blog, Peter Messmer writes that Kepler’s new Hyper-Q feature will help increase performance for thousands of legacy MPI applications without requiring a major code rewrite. Legacy MPI-based codes were often created to run on multicore CPU systems, with the amount of work assigned to each MPI process scaled accordingly. However, this […]