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Silicon Mechanics Adds Tesla K40 to Product Lineup


Today Silicon Mechanics announced that the company now offers the Nvidia Tesla K40 as part of its GPU Solutions product line.

AMD Updates Magny-Cours Lineup

Today AMD announced that the company is now shipping five new Opteron 6100 Series processors optimimized for low power consumption and increased applications performance. Acer, Dell and HP plan on launching new systems based on the new chips this quarter. These new server CPUs deliver greater performance than we‟ve ever had before,” said Patrick Patla, […]

Register reports that Oracle is pulling AMD chips from its hardware lineup

Timothy Prickett Morgan reported this week at The Register that Oracle has decided to pull AMD’s current Opteron 6100 and soon-to-be-released 4100 from future Sun Fire servers, and all existing products that use AMD processors of any type will be taken out back and shot in the head. This would mean, for example, that Oracle […]

IBM adds Voltaire 10GbE switch to HPC lineup

Speaking of reseller deals, this week IBM and Voltaire have announced that some of Voltaire’s latest gear will be shipping with an IBM SKU. In June Voltaire announced its big new layer-2 10GbE switch, the Vantage 8500. This week the company announced that IBM will be reselling it in its HPC lineup via the System […]

IBM drops flash SSDs onto POWER lineup

Late last week IBM announced it is adding flash-based SSDs to it POWER line of servers; IBM’s System x and BladeCenter servers and System Storage DS8000 line got their SSD injection some time ago. The company joins many other hardware OEMs taking this step. IBM’s release doesn’t have many details, but Timothy Prickett Morgan at […]

Adaptive Computing Announces Moabcon 2014 Conference Keynotes


Today Adaptive Computing announced the speaker lineup for Moabcon 2014, the company’s annual user conference.

New Bright Cluster Manager for HPC, OpenStack, and Hadoop Clusters


Today Bright Computing announced plans to roll out a new line of products designed to manage HPC clusters, Apache Hadoop clusters, and OpenStack private clouds.

Radio Free HPC Looks at HPC Events for Spring 2014


In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the wave of HPC conferences coming up this Spring. Henry is headed to a speaking gig at the HPC User Forum and then on to GEOINT. Dan is off to China for the ASC Student Competition. Meanwhile, Rich will be on the road for a month straight at GTC, the Swiss HPC Conference, LUG 2014, and then off to moderate a Big Data Panel at the Red Hat Summit.

Interview: Steve Conway on the Upcoming HPC User Forum–April 7-9


“The main topics for our April 7-9 meeting in Santa Fe are industrial partnerships with large HPC centers and how they’re working, with perspectives from the U.S., France and the UK. We’ll also take another hard look at what’s happening with processors, coprocessors and accelerators and at potential disruptive technologies, as well as zeroing in on the HPC storage market and trends and the CORAL procurement that involves Oak Ridge, Argonne and Livermore.”

Thursday Livestream: GPU Technology Theater from SC13


All this week, insideHPC will be streaming live presentations from the Nvidia GPU Technology Theater at SC13.