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Silicon Mechanics Adds Tesla K40 to Product Lineup


Today Silicon Mechanics announced that the company now offers the Nvidia Tesla K40 as part of its GPU Solutions product line.

AMD Updates Magny-Cours Lineup

Today AMD announced that the company is now shipping five new Opteron 6100 Series processors optimimized for low power consumption and increased applications performance. Acer, Dell and HP plan on launching new systems based on the new chips this quarter. These new server CPUs deliver greater performance than we‟ve ever had before,” said Patrick Patla, […]

Register reports that Oracle is pulling AMD chips from its hardware lineup

Timothy Prickett Morgan reported this week at The Register that Oracle has decided to pull AMD’s current Opteron 6100 and soon-to-be-released 4100 from future Sun Fire servers, and all existing products that use AMD processors of any type will be taken out back and shot in the head. This would mean, for example, that Oracle […]

IBM adds Voltaire 10GbE switch to HPC lineup

Speaking of reseller deals, this week IBM and Voltaire have announced that some of Voltaire’s latest gear will be shipping with an IBM SKU. In June Voltaire announced its big new layer-2 10GbE switch, the Vantage 8500. This week the company announced that IBM will be reselling it in its HPC lineup via the System […]

IBM drops flash SSDs onto POWER lineup

Late last week IBM announced it is adding flash-based SSDs to it POWER line of servers; IBM’s System x and BladeCenter servers and System Storage DS8000 line got their SSD injection some time ago. The company joins many other hardware OEMs taking this step. IBM’s release doesn’t have many details, but Timothy Prickett Morgan at […]

Ancillary Events & Special Booth Sessions at SC14


SC14 is world’s largest gathering of HPC professionals, and the smart money is on the organizations that leverage the show for their own gatherings, meetups, special booth sessions, and user groups.

Great Speakers Line up for the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14

Cydney Ewald Stevens, Director, StartupHPC

In this special guest feature, Cydney Ewald Stevens writes that the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14 has an incredible lineup of speakers. At roughly six weeks out from SC14 and our first StartupHPC Meetup, if you aren’t registered yet, you should register now! It’s going to sell out and if you’re not there you’re going to […]

Interview: Why You Shouldn’t Miss the StartupHPC Meetup at SC14

Cydney Ewald Stevens, Director, StartupHPC

“The toughest challenge of being an HPC startup is credibility – building it or having it. And acceptance. Breaking into the (mind) space is hard. Think about a disruptive technology, like virtualization, and the years it took to champion the idea that it could be applied to ‘some’ workloads. Now it’s companies like DWave or ConnectX or even the Cloud, still. Or GPU or ARM, right. Ideas or companies challenging the current convention.”

Cray Rolls Out CS-Storm – High Density GPU Supercomputer


Today Cray rolled out the new Cray CS-Storm high-density accelerator compute system. Based on the Cray CS300 cluster supercomputer line acquired from Appro in 2012, the Cray CS-Storm features up to eight Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerators and a peak performance of more than 11 teraflops per node.

Nvidia Unveils Quadro GPUs for Visual Computing


Today Nvidia announced its next generation series of Quadro GPUs for visual computing. With up to twice the application performance and data-handling capability of the previous generation, the new line comprises the K5200, K4200, K2200, K620 and K420 model GPUs.