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Lustre Client Performance Comparison and Tuning (1.8.x to 2.x)


In this video from the Lustre User Group 2014, John Fragalla from Xyratex presents: Lustre Client Performance Comparison and Tuning (1.8.x to 2.x)

A Cost and Scalability Comparison of the Dragonfly vs. the Fat Tree

The dragonfly topology has been proposed as an efficient alternative to the fat tree. This talk presents a study of the blocking and scalability characteristics of the dragonfly, and compares this to the well-known fat tree topology.

NCBI BLAST performance comparison: Intel vs. AMD

Joe Landman and the fine folks at Scalable Informatics have just published a new whitepaper [PDF] comparing the performance of the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s BLAST application on Magny Cours, Istanbul, and Nehalem. According to the Wikipedia In bioinformatics, Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, or BLAST, is an algorithm for comparing primary biological sequence […]

AMD's performance comparisons for the new Opteron 6100

I’ve had several requests for links to benchmark data on the new AMD and Intel processors that have launched over the past couple weeks. We added a little bit of information with our posting of SGI’s SPEC results for its forthcoming UV line running the Xeon 7500s. Yesterday one of AMD’s marketing drones pointed to […]

Parallel programming week in Paris

Parallel Programming Week 2 is starting up June 22 in Paris. The event will open with four reputed speakers who will discuss current multicore challenges, followed by five intensive developer workshops focused on parallel computing. Presentations will focus on “How to be successful in the multicore era.” The speakers are: Jack Dongarra; Barbara Chapman, CEO […]

Comparisons between candidate tech plans

Melissa Norr at the CRA Policy Blog offers some insight in what both Obama and McCain are paying lip service to in terms of their technology agenda. If you are of a mind that what candidates say during a campaign might bear any resemblance to what they do in office, you can read Melissa’s post […]

LUG 2014 Video Gallery

Welcome to our Video Gallery for LUG 2014. (LUG 2014 Presentation files are now available from OpenSFS) Special Features from the Show Announcement: Seagate Donates to the User Community, Ken Claffey, Xyratex * Video Interview: OpenSFS Welcomes Back into User Community * Video Brent Gorda on What’s New in the Lustre Community * Video * Slides LUG 2014 […]

A Boatload of HPC Events Coming Up


With all the HPC events coming around the corner, we thought it would be good to revisit our Spring preview to help ensure that our readers don’t miss out. We’ll be on the road for nearly a month straight, so be sure to check back here for exclusive onsite event coverage.

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss LUG 2014 in Miami


LUG 2014 will bring together industry leaders, end-users, developers, and vendors to talk Lustre, contribute to the community, and move the technology forward.

Ghent University Speeds Genome Analysis with TimeLogic


Using FPGA-based accelerators, TimeLogic’s DeCypher systems greatly increase the speed of sequence comparison.