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Video: Dell’s PowerEdge C8000 for HPC

In this video, Dell’s Armando Acosta describes how the PowerEdge C8000 is a good fit for HPC applications. PowerEdge C servers have higher performance per watt, performance per U and performance per dollar than its closest competitor. Designed for performance and efficiency, PowerEdge C servers have a shared infrastructure: sharing chassis, fans and power supplies […]

Video: Dell PowerEdge C6105 Serves Up Value for Scaling Out

Last week Dell came out with a new set of servers designed to bring HPC and Cloud Computing to a wider customer base. Perhaps the most notable of the set is the PowerEdge C6105, which AMD blogger John Fruehe described as four servers packaged together to provide 48 cores in a 2U chassis: These systems […]

ScaleMP Announces Support for Dell PowerEdge Platform

ScaleMP today announced the availability and support of its vSMP [VirtualSMP] software on Dell’s PowerEdge server platform.  The vSMP software stack enables customers to aggregate multiple servers together into a, virtual shared memory system.  Using Dell’s PowerEdge 1950 blades, customers can create virtual SMP platforms with up to 32 sockets [128 cores with quad-core silicon] […]

Best Practices Demonstrate Record Performance on LS-DYNA


Over at the Mellanox Blog, Scot Schultz writes that a new HPCAC Best Practices Paper shows record application performance for LS-DYNA Automotive Crash Simulation.

Harvard Supercomputer Highjacked to Mine Cryptocurrency


An unidentified user managed to commandeer Harvard’s Odyssey supercomputer last week for the purpose of mining Dogecoin, an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency.

Dell Teams with Mellanox for 10/40GbE Networking

Today Mellanox announced that its dual port ConnectX-3 10/40GbE Network Interface Cards are now fully compatible with qualified Dell PowerEdge servers.

Caterham Formula 1 Team Works With Dell for Supercomputing

In the fast-paced world of Formula One, technology is king. Designing, optimizing and racing the world’s fastest sports cars requires specialized equipment, including the best supercomputing power your budget can buy. Teams need  the basics required to run any business, as well as powerful workstations and track-side equipment they can lug around the world. Smaller competitors such […]

China’s Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Stays #1 on TOP500 List


The new TOP500 list is out, and there is not much change to report the top systems remain the same as they were in the last list, which came out in June 2013.

ClusterVision Pumps Up Supercomputer Muscles in Brussels

ClusterVision has announced the successful completion of a new cluster installation project at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). With cluster design, build and service projects already completed at the Université Catholique de Louvain, and the Université de Liège, the new installation at the Université Libre de Bruxelles continues ClusterVision’s recent history of engagement with […]

ClusterVision Partners to Deploy Minerva Supercomputer at the University of Nottingham

This week ClusterVision announced that the company and its partners have completed the deployment of a new HPC system at the University of Nottingham. The 45 Teraflop “Minerva” supercomputer will be used to drive academic research in a wide range of scientific disciplines. As the prime contractor for the design, build and management of the […]