Selling Those Unused Cycles

ICT Results has an interesting article on how an EU funded CATNETS project is tackling the problem of unused compute cycles to create a stock exchange. You might soon be selling your spare computer power over the internet, or perhaps buying in extra resources to solve a tricky problem. In either case, network administration used […]

The 411: Cluster Resources

Cluster Resources develops workload and resource management software including the Moab Cluster Suite, Moab Grid Suite, and Maui Scheduler. Here’s the 4-1-1. Who: Incorporated in 2001, Cluster Resources, Inc. began initial development in the mid-1990s by the founders of the company under the name Supercluster Development Group. Before it became Cluster Resources, The Supercluster Development […]

More on Google's Cloud Computing Initiative

As was announced in Oct ’07 Google and IBM partnered to train the next generation of parallel specialists. It’s been a few months since the announcement, Business Week published an article on how the strategy is progressing. One simple question. That’s all it took for Christophe Bisciglia to bewilder confident job applicants at Google (GOOG). […]

The 18th Daresbury MEW Wrap Up

The 18th Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop concluded a few weeks ago, I along with fellow contributor Andrew Jones had the pleasure of attending. The event is primarily a UK event in part of the EPSRC‘s Distributed Computing Support Programme. The crowd was around 150-200 attendees comprising of mostly UK academia, regional integrators and vendors. Since […]

New UMaine Supercomputer to Offer Maine Students Access to Climate Change, Scientific Modeling

Being a recent graduate of the University of Maine and a member of their HPC team it’s nice to see that they are continuing to improve their HPC offerings at the University. The UMaine Department of Computer Science has received two National Science Foundation grants, one for $200,000 to buy a second university supercomputer, and […]

Yahoo to Push Supercomputing

It appears Yahoo is opening up some of it’s computer infrastructure for supercomputing reasearch. Sunnyvale-based Yahoo (Nasdaq:YHOO) said the program is intended to leverage its leadership in Hadoop, an open source distributed computing sub-project of the Apache Software Foundation, to enable researchers to modify and evaluate the systems software running on a 4,000 processor supercomputer […]

Moab Software Makes Windows/Linux Hybrid Clustering Possible

The saying goes, “You can’t eat your cake and have it too”, well Forbes says you can. “Hybrid Windows and Linux clusters increase the number of addressable users and improve cluster efficiency,” said Shawn Hansen, Director of HPC marketing at Microsoft. “With Moab, customers can increase their productivity and utilization and broaden their reach by […]

Voltaire and Cluster Resources Collaborate

Voltaire and Cluster Resources announce a collaborative relationship. “By integrating Voltaire’s GridVision Enterprise software with Cluster Resources’ Moab scheduler and orchestrator, we have created a powerful provisioning and management solution for unified server and storage fabrics,” said Yaron Haviv, Chief Technology Officer, Voltaire. “As part of this solution, Moab determines when application resources are needed […]

Virginia Tech Launches Green 500 List

With the release of the latest greatest list just around the corner I’d like to turn your attention to the list. Despite the importance of the TOP500 List, we argue that the list makes it much more difficult for the high-end computing community to focus on performance metrics other than speed. Therefore, to […]

PS3 Grid Enters Record Books

Here is another great reason to tell your significant other why you need a PS3 this Christmas. Guinness World Records has recognised folding@home (FAH) as the world’s most powerful distributed computing network. FAH has signed up nearly 700,000 PS3s to examine how the shape of proteins affect diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The network has more […]