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Architects of ParallelFX Interviewed

We recently reported that Microsoft has published two articles on Parallel Extensions for the .NET Framework (PFX), an upcoming set of libraries which allow straightforward expression and coordination of data-parallel queries and task-parallel operations. Now, in this video on Channel9, Anders Hejlsberg (Microsoft Chief Architect for C# and LINQ) and Joe Duffy (Senior Software engineer […]

The Eon of Xeon

In the unfolding saga of quad-core server goodness, was able to get their hands on Intel’s upcoming 45nm 3.0GHz Harpertown Xeon, benchmarking against the 65nm Clovertown Xeon and Barcelona Opteron quad core parts. As we all expected, the 3.0GHz Harpertown trumps Barcelona in absolute numbers (sometimes up to 56%!) due to both its higher […]

World Community Grid runs world's largest anti-virus program

John Timmer at covers a new project at IBM’s World Community Grid, aimed at using distributed computing for combating viral diseases: IBM has announced the latest project for their World Community Grid distributed computing effort, and it has the potential to be a significant one: a search for molecules that block the reproduction of […]

Barcelona Opterons not very powerful, in a good way

Last week, released the first thorough review of AMD’s Barcelona two-way quad-core CPUs, including a comparison with Intel’s Clovertown chips. In terms of absolute performance, they conclude: Barcelona’s gains in performance per clock aren’t quite what we expected, especially in floating-point-intensive applications like 3D rendering, where it looks for all the world like a […]

ParallelFX – High-level .NET libraries for data-parallel computation

Joe Duffy has posted links to two new articles in the October issue of MSDN Magazine which highlight two components of Microsoft’s ParallelFX project. The first introduces PLINQ, a data-parallel implementation of Microsoft’s new LINQ (Language-Integrated Query) tools for querying in-memory objects and XML.The second, titled “Parallel Performance: Optimize Managed Code For Multi-Core Machines” describes […]

Intel's new Clovertown Xeons scale well, sip power. But watts with those FB-DIMMs?

Jason Clark and Ross Whitehead at take a look at the power efficiency and scalability of three similarly-priced low-voltage server processors from AMD and Intel. If there was ever any doubt that Intel made a bad decision not going true quad-core, it should be clear with numbers like these that their decision was sound […]