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AMD CTO Phil Hester Calls it Quits

AMD announced today that CTO Phil Hester has resigned. Apparently, the company does not plan to name a new CTO. Instead, the position will be spread across the five business unit CTOs at the division level. Hester’s departure comes on the heels of a 1,600-person workforce reduction and 15 percent quarter-over-quarter revenue decline. He is […]

Korean super may bail on AMD, switch to Intel

Last week, The Inquirer’s Nebojsa Novakovic reported that AMD is losing its spot as the processor vendor in a Sun Microsystems supercompter for the Korean Institute for Science and Technology Information (KISTI). According to him, because of the Barcelona production delays, Sun is looking to dump the original system spec, which called for 2.5+ GHz […]

European Weather Forecasting Center Sticks with IBM

IBM today announced a contract with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) to upgrade the center’s High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) with two new POWER6 clusters, each with a peak performance of about 145 teraflops. The new systems will replace the current POWER5+ clusters. The contract also establishes a roadmap to the next […]

BlueArc Delays IPO

Dave Raffo at is reporting that BlueArc will hold off on its IPO until sometime in 2008. The NAS vendor filed for its public offering back on September 7. According to Raffo: A financial analyst who follows storage said investors “are doing more due diligences on IPOs now,” and said it could hurt BlueArc […]

Microsoft Releases Preview Version of ParallelFX

“Soma” Somasegar, chief of Microsoft’s Developer Division, wrote in his blog today that the company has made a “preview” version of the ParallelFX (Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework) library available for download. ParallelFX provides a programming model for data and task parallelism on multicore/multiprocessor hardware. Writes Somasegar: Although we understand the shift to parallel […]

Opteron-Xeon Benchmark Showdown

The folk over at AnandTech pitted the new 45nm Intel Xeon processors against the latest and greatest quad-core AMD Opterons to see how they stacked up on a variety of benchmarks. The conclusion was that Intel’s newest chips consistently outperform the new quads from AMD, as long as the benchmark doesn’t stress memory performance. For […]

OpenMP, the Next Generation

The OpenMP 3.0 draft is now available for public review. OpenMP is a standard API for shared memory multiprocessing that was first published 10 years ago this month. The latest version (2.5) was released in 2005. “The creation of OpenMP 3.0 has taken very hard work by a number of people over more than two years,” said Larry […]

German Blue Gene/P Tops 200 Teraflops

German publication heise online is reporting that Jülich Supercomputing Centre has installed a 220 teraflop Blue Gene/P system, making it the most powerful supercomputer in Europe. The article also points out that since the machine uses a mere 500 kilowatts, the new Blue Gene/P is one of the most energy efficient computers in the world.  […]

Wherefore Art Thou Barcelona?

Apparently AMD’s new quad-core Opteron processors are selling like hotcakes. The bad news is they can’t make them fast enough. Damon Poeter at CMP Channel writes that AMD’s partners are generally happy with the new Opteron products, but at least some are having trouble getting a hold of enough parts. “There are no hardware conflicts and […]

Internet2 Network is Ready to Roll

At its annual Fall Member Meeting, Internet2 announced the completion of its new nationwide network infrastructure. With an initial capacity of 100 Gigabits per second and bandwidth-on-demand capabilities, the new network will allow scientists and academic types to grab as much as 10 Gbps at a time. According to Rick Summerhill, Internet2′s chief technology officer: […]