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IBM, Google Bring Internet-Scale Computing to the Students

Intel is not the only big IT company trying to push parallel computing into our universities.  Today, IBM and Google announced an initiative to add large-scale distributed computing courses to college curricula : For this project, the two companies have dedicated a large cluster of several hundred computers (a combination of Google machines and IBM […]

Ranking the Big Four

IT Jungle published an interesting article today that ranks the big X64 server vendors — Dell, IBM, HP and Sun Microsystems — based on user surveys conducted by Gabriel Consulting Group (GCG). They use a metric called Vendor Preference Index (VPI) in order to eliminate respondent bias. Dan Olds, the founder of GCG and the […]

Cell IT

IBM is continuing its campaign to move the Cell processor, the chip that powers PLAYSTATION3, into the mainstream of high-end computing. The latest issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development is devoted to all things Cell. According to IBM: This journal includes eight papers that provide descriptions of the Cell/B.E. Architecture, advanced security schemes, […]

Intel Gets Cozy With FPGAs

Not to be left out of the FPGA acceleration party, Intel has teamed up with Altera and XtremeData to deliver a Xeon-friendly version of FPGA coprocessing.  The XD2000i module consists of three Stratix III FGPAs hooked onto Intel’s front side bus (FSB). From the Altera press release: “With today’s release of the XD2000i, it’s an […]

Intel Adds Its 20,000,000,000 Cents

Even with the blitz of Barcelona news from AMD and their OEM partners, Intel is making sure they’re not forgotten. The Associated Press reported that Intel uncharacteristically released a mid-quarter financial update on the same day AMD introduced their new quad-core processors. From the AP article: “It’s kind of ironic timing, don’t you think?” said Jim […]

In a Virtual World, Latency Can Be Deadly

The same kind of high performance, low latency computing technologies used by stock traders is attracting the attention of companies building massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). A Computerworld article highlights some of the challenges faced by MMOG systems, which may host tens of thousands of concurrent players: In rapid-fire stock trading, a minuscule amount of […]

Finally — AMD Launches Next-Generation Quad-Core Opterons

Six months late and a few hundred MHz short, AMD introduced its quad-core Opterons today, immodestly referring to them as “The World’s Most Advanced x86 Processor.” Time will tell. Early indications are that the new chips best the currrent crop of Intel Xeons in memory bandwidth and performance per watt. AMD also touts the new […]