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HPCAC Stanford Conference & Exascale Workshop Releases Agenda


“The HPC Advisory Council’s worldwide conferences and workshops are excellent educational opportunities for HPC and data center IT professionals who are looking to deploy or provide additional enhancements and functionality to their advanced high-performance solutions.”

RIKEN to Host Exascale Supercomputer in 2020


This week the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected RIKEN to develop a new exascale supercomputer. With a planned deployment in 2020, the new system is expected to keep Japan at the leading edge of computing science and technology.

Mont-Blanc Project Moves Forward with Funding through 2016


The European Commission has granted an additional €8 million Euros to extend the Mont-Blanc Project activities until September 2016. This funding comes on the heels of some significant milestones for the project, which endeavors to design a new type of energy-efficient computer architecture for Exascale systems.

Stanford HPC Conference Looks to Exascale Feb 3-5, 2014

Today the HPC Advisory Council announced that their Stanford High-Performance Computing Conference and Exascale Workshop will take place on February 3-5, 2014. The conference will focus on HPC usage models and benefits, the future of supercomputing, latest technology developments, best practices and advanced HPC topics.

Scality on the Path to Exascale Computing


“The Scality Ring provides consistently low latency as well as automated, predictive, and scalable performance scaling into millions of IOPS, thousands of nodes, trillions of objects, and exabytes of capacity.”

How Asia is Competing Ahead of the Exascale Pack


The path to exascale by 2020 is certainly achievable, and Intel is supporting organizations across the globe as they attempt to be first over the line. If Asia is to continue leading the charge, then hurdling the challenges posed by energy constraints and adopting and identifying the latest technologies will make the journey much easier.

DDN Looks to Exascale with the Infinite Memory Engine


In this video from the DDN User Meeting at SC13, Jean-Luc Chatelain describes the company’s recent technology announcements including the SFA 12KX storage device, the WOS Bridge Cloud Connector, and the Infinite Memory Engine architecture for Exascale computing.

Argonne Moves Towards Exascale

Argonne National Labs is developing Argo, a prototype exascale operating system.

Video: Thomas Sterling Accepts the HPC Vanguard Award


In this video from SC13, Thomas Sterling from Indiana University accepts the first inaugural HPC Vanguard Award.

Podcast: Radio Free HPC Does the SC13 Wrapup Show


In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses what was hot and trending at the SC13 conference in Denver. Big Data was everywhere on the exhibit floor, but the coming requirements of Exascale spurred a number of low-power supercomputing demonstrations that look to be the wave of the future.