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DOE Awards $25.4 Million for Exascale Interconnect Design


The DOE has awarded $25.4 million in research and development contracts to five leading HPC companies to accelerate the development of next-generation supercomputers.

It’s Here! The Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC13 in Denver


The all-new Print ‘n Fly Guide to SC13 in Denver is an in-flight magazine custom tailored for your journey to the Mile-High city at SC13. With in-depth features on Exascale, high-performance networks, and the history of the SC conference, Print ‘n Fly also has pointers to the best restaurants and bars in Denver.

Exascale Progress Meter – Are We Moving in the Right Direction?


In this special feature, Mike Bernhardt looks at our current progress towards Exascale computing, a future milestone of supercomputing 10^18 flops.

Exascale Bills Coming Up for Consideration in Congress

Dick Durbin

The road to exascale computing will require substantial public investment. But that expense must be measured against the enormous long-term costs our nation will face if we abandon our quest for leadership in high-performance computing.

How APAC Can Lead the Way to Exascale

Naveed Siraj

If countries in Asia are going to be successful in being the first to develop exascale systems, then technological breakthroughs are also going to be vital. An ability to increase processor performance is critical, which means developers must constantly look at ways to enhance memory technology, interconnect and integrate new functions into the processor, reduce power consumption, identify innovative cooling techniques, and identify new technologies delivering increased flexibility to software developers.

Thomas Sterling and Satoshi Matsuoka on the Gap Between the TOP10 and Everything Else


There is a growing gap between the Top10 systems and the rest of HPC. “The diversity is occurring now, but it is by no means the first time it has ever happened,” said Thomas Sterling.

Erich Strohmaier on the Challenges of Exascale


According to Strohmaier, exascale will allow scientists to study the most challenging problems in much greater detail with much greater accuracy.

DOE Report: Exascale System will Cost up to $1.4 Billion


Over at Fierce Government IT, David Perera writes that a June Energy Department report to Congress indicates that building a viable exascale supercomputer by 2022 will likely require at least $1 billion to $1.4 billion in funding and won’t occur in America unless federal agencies spend money on its development. Exascale suffers the problem of […]

Intel’s Alan Gara on DRAM Memory Limitations for Exascale

Alan Gara

Intel’s plans for Exascale continue to hinge on the memory bandwidth and the limitations of today’s DRAM.

High-Performance Interconnection Networks on the Road to Exascale: Challenges and Solutions


In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference 2013, Pedro J. Garcia presents: High-Performance Interconnection Networks on the Road to Exascale HPC: Challenges and Solutions. One of the challenges of that interconnect researchers face today is how to efficiently interconnect the huge number of processors expected to be present in future exascale systems. […]