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Interview: Terascala and High Performance Data Movement


“Terascala’s intelligent operating system, TeraOS, simplifies managing Lustre®-based storage and optimizes workflows, providing the high throughput storage HPC users need to solve bigger problems faster. For the HPC folks, this means that Terascala-powered storage appliances can reduce run times to hours instead of days or weeks.”

Interview: NSU to Boost Research with “Megalodon” IBM Supercomputer


“The team at the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences wanted to give the computer a nickname – a name that would not only convey the super computer’s enormity in terms of size; but a name that would definitively link the super computer to NSU. Our mascot is the “shark” and the Megalodon, is the largest prehistoric shark known to man.”

Interview: Calyos 2-Phase Cooling for Electronic Components in HPC


“Thanks to the latent heat physical properties and its pumpless capillary structure, Calyos advanced 2-Phase cooling solutions will help the HPC world by reducing the cooling costs while significantly increasing power densities.”

Video: Developing the HPC Compute Cores of Tomorrow


In this video from the PRACE Winter School 2014 in Tel Aviv, Ofri Wechsler from Intel presents: Developing the HPC Compute Cores of Tomorrow.

Interview: Argonne Announces Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing

Paul Messina, Director of Science at Argonne

“Systems like Argonne’s Mira, an IBM Blue Gene/Q system with nearly a million cores, can enable breakthroughs in science, but to use them productively requires expertise in computer architectures, parallel programming, mathematical software, data management and analysis, performance analysis tools, software engineering, and so on. Our training program exposes the participants to all those topics and provides hands-on exercises for experimenting with most of them.”

SGI to Deliver Large Shared Memory UV System for JAMSTEC Earth Simulator


Today SGI announced that the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) will install an SGI UV 2000 powered by Intel Xeon processor E5-4600 v2 series.

Maxeler Technologies to Deploy Energy Efficient HPC System at Daresbury


The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and London-based Maxeler Technologies are collaborating in a project funded by the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills to install the next generation of supercomputing technology in a new facility at the Daresbury Laboratory focusing on energy efficient supercomputing to enable UK industry to have the edge in using a technology designed for the move towards Exascale computing.

CORAL Collaboration to Deliver Three 200 Petaflop Systems in 2017


Lawrence Livermore National Lab has joined forces with Oak Ridge and Argonne to deliver next generation supercomputers able to perform up to 200 peak petaflops.

Leadership Computing for Combustion Apps on INCITE and PRACE Systems


“The INCITE and PRACE programs give access to increasing resources allowing these technologies to be applied to industrial scale systems. From past and ongoing research examples performed at CERFACS, this presentation highlights the scientific breakthroughs allowed by HPC on exascale machines for reacting flows for gas turbines and explosions in buildings.”

Clustered Systems Leads with Innovative Cooling


In this video, Bob Lipp from Clustered Systems describes the company’s innovative cooling technology for high-density blade systems. “We integrate components, systems and software from leading suppliers with our patented two phase cooling infrastructure to deliver the greenest high performance compute systems. These whisper quiet systems drive down infrastructure and operational costs.”