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National HPCC Conference Posts Agenda for Newport

The National HPCC Conference in Newport has posted their Agenda for their upcoming meeting.

Brain derived Computing beyond von Neumann is the Thursday Keynote at ISC’14

Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Meier

ISC’14 is steadily announcing their keynotes for the conference, which takes place June 22-26 in Leipzig, Germany. Today brings us news that the Thursday keynote will come from Prof. Karlheinz Meier from Heidelberg University on the topic of Brain derived Computing beyond von Neumann – Achievements and Challenges.

Progress Check on OpenPOWER Consortium


Over at Clabby Analytics, Joe Clabby writes that the OpenPOWER Consortium has made progress since it was announced last year. With founding members Google, IBM, Mellanox, and Nvidia, OpenPOWER intends to build advanced server, networking, storage and GPU-acceleration technology aimed at delivering more choice, control and flexibility to developers of next-generation, hyperscale and cloud data centers.

CORAL Seeks Proposals for Mira, Sequoia, and Titan Follow-on Supercomputers


As a three-way collaboration, the CORAL project is collaborative DOE effort to replace today’s Sequoia, Titan, and Mira supercomputers. In this video, LLNL CTO Bronis R. de Supinski describes the objectives of CORAL and how it will lead to Livermore’s next-generation supercomputer.

Fujitsu Simulates 3,000-Atom Nano Device

This week Fujitsu Laboratories announced that it has successfully simulated the electrical properties of a 3,000-atom nano device.

A Sneak Peek at Intel’s Knights Landing


“The new CPU with 72 cores on-board will also see 16GB of on-package eDRAM, and six DDR4 memory controllers which will be capable of seeing over 384GB of DDR4 memory. Then we have the rumor that Intel could abandon PCI-Express 3.0 because of its latency issues, and shift over to QPI which will ship with the Skylake-EX chipset.”

IBM Brings Nanophotonics to Real-world Manufacturing

IBM has announced a major advance in the ability to use light instead of electrical signals to transmit information for future computing.

RIKEN to Host Exascale Supercomputer in 2020


This week the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology selected RIKEN to develop a new exascale supercomputer. With a planned deployment in 2020, the new system is expected to keep Japan at the leading edge of computing science and technology.

Interview: Solving Tech Problems with Quantum Computing


In this video, D-Wave CEO Vern Brownell discusses the company’s progress in quantum computing. “I hope the pendulum swings back the other way at some point, where it becomes more in vogue to do more of this science-based research, because it’s really important for us to transform science into technology.”

Micron Rolls Out Hybrid Memory Cube


In this video from SC13, Micron rolls out their Hybrid Memory Cube technology.