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GPU Startup? Apply for the $100K Early Stage Challenge

Winning our Early Stage Challenge helped GPU-powered startup Map-D bring interactivity to big data in vivid ways.

Nvidia is looking for a dozen would-be competitors for the Early Stage Challenge – where hot young startups using GPUs vie for a single $100,000 on-the-spot prize.

Industrial Achievements on Blue Waters Using CPUs and GPUs


In this video from the 2014 HPC User Forum in Seattle, Seid Koric from NCSA presents: Industrial achievements on Blue Waters Using CPUs and GPUs.

New IBM Power Systems Accelerated with GPUs for Big Data


Today IBM introduced a new series of GPU-accelerated systems capable of handling massive amounts of computational data faster and at a nearly 20% better price performance than comparable Intel-based systems – providing clients a superior alternative to closed, commodity-based data center servers. The vastness of Big Data—of the 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated on […]

Increasing the Throughput of your GPU-enabled Cluster with rCUDA


“Although the use of GPUs has generalized nowadays, including GPUs in current HPC clusters presents several drawbacks mainly related with increased costs. In this talk we present how the use of remote GPU virtualization may overcome these drawbacks while noticeably increasing the overall cluster throughput. The talk presents real throughput measurements by making use of the rCUDA remote GPU virtualization middleware.”

Announcing the Cray XC40 Supercomputer with DataWarp Technology


Burst Buffers are here! Today Cray announced the launch of the Cray XC40 supercomputer and the Cray CS 400 cluster supercomputer – the next-generation models of the Company’s high-end supercomputing systems and cluster solutions. Based on the new Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v3 product family, formerly code named “Haswell,” the new systems deliver a 2x improvement in performance over previous Cray XC and Cray CS systems.

Accelerators at ORNL – Application Readiness, Early Science, and Industry Impact


In this video from the 2014 HPC User Forum in Seattle, John A. Turner from Oak Ridge National Laboratory presents: Accelerators at ORNL – Application Readiness, Early Science, and Industry Impact.

Advancing Science in Alternative Energy & Bioengineering with Many-Core Processors


“We believe that the Intel path forward for HPC architecture and software offers a solution that allows for a simpler code base and reduced software effort. Optimizations for GPUs do not necessarily improve performance on CPUs.”

Nvidia Rolls Out Second-Generation Maxwell GPUs


Nvidia has introduced the new GM204 GPU based on the second-generation of the Maxwell architecture. And while the device is designed for advanced gaming graphics, it also makes for a great CUDA development platform for HPC.

Registration Open for Univ. of Houston Oil & Gas Workshop


Registration is now open for the University of Houston Oil & Gas Workshop. With a theme of Directives and Tools for Accelerators: A Seismic Programming Shift, the annual event takes place Oct. 19-20 in Houston.

Nvidia cuDNN Speeds Deep Learning Applications


Today Nvidia announced cuDNN, new software designed to help developers harness the power of GPU acceleration for deep learning applications in areas such as image classification, video analytics, speech recognition and natural language processing.