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Nvidia cuDNN Speeds Deep Learning Applications


Today Nvidia announced cuDNN, new software designed to help developers harness the power of GPU acceleration for deep learning applications in areas such as image classification, video analytics, speech recognition and natural language processing.

Accelerating CFD with PyFr on GPUs

Flow over a spoiler deployed at 90 degrees to the oncoming flow, computed on a mesh with 1.3 billion degrees of freedom using 184 x Nvidia M2090 GPUs (Emerald HPC facility at the Centre for Innovation UK).

Over at TechEnablement, Dr. Peter Vincent writes that PyFR is an open-source 5,000 line Python based framework for solving fluid-flow problems that can exploit many-core computing hardware such as GPUs.

This Week in HPC: Cray Creates GPU Heavy Server Node and New Exascale Recommendations for the DOE

this week in hpc

In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss the new Cray CS-Storm supercomputer based on Nvidia GPUs. After that, the discussion turns to exascale investment recommendations coming out of a new report from a Department of Energy Task Force.

Cray Rolls Out CS-Storm – High Density GPU Supercomputer


Today Cray rolled out the new Cray CS-Storm high-density accelerator compute system. Based on the Cray CS300 cluster supercomputer line acquired from Appro in 2012, the Cray CS-Storm features up to eight Nvidia Tesla GPU accelerators and a peak performance of more than 11 teraflops per node.

This Week in HPC: DOE Labs Come Together on Climate and Latest Cuda Escalates ARMs Race

this week in hpc

In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss the ACME collaboration for climate research. In Part 2, they look at the latest Cuda release with with support for 64-bit ARM processors.

Move Over Jaguar, Titan Supercomputer Tops in Energy Efficiency


When the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) replaced its Jaguar supercomputer with Titan, not only did it expand its computing speed tenfold, it also saved on the electric bill.

OpenACC Events in Houston and Oak Ridge Issue Calls for Participation


Fans of OpenACC will have the opportunity to participate in a pair of events in October.

GPUs Accelerate Science at University of Delaware

Dr. Michela Taufer, Associate Professor at the University of Delaware

“It’s not about how GPUs help my work but rather how GPUs help me to fulfill my personal and professional mission of helping scientists discover science through high-performance computing.”

Nvidia Releases CUDA 6.5, Now with 64-bit ARM Support


Today Nvidia released CUDA 6.5, the “latest version of the world’s most pervasive parallel computing platform and programming model.” Available as a free download, version 6.5 of the CUDA Toolkit brings the power of GPU-accelerated computing for the first time to 64-bit ARM platforms.

Get Started Parallel Programming Using CUDA on OS X


Over at QuantStart, Valerio Restocchi has written up a quick guide for installing CUDA 6.0 on OS X.