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Brookhaven Lab is the latest Nvidia GPU Research Center

Today Nvidia announced that Brookhaven National Laboratory has been named a 2016 GPU Research Center. “The center will enable Brookhaven Lab to collaborate with Nvidia on the development of widely deployed codes that will benefit from more effective GPU use, and in the delivery of on-site GPU training to increase staff and guest researchers’ proficiency,” said Kerstin Kleese van Dam, director of CSI and chair of the Lab’s Center for Data-Driven Discovery.

IBM Watson CTO Rob High to Keynote GPU Technology Conference

Today Nvidia announced that Rob High, IBM Fellow, VP and chief technology officer for Watson, will deliver a keynote at our GPU Technology Conference on April 6. High will describe the key role GPUs will play in creating systems that understand data in human-like ways. “Late last year, IBM announced that its Watson cognitive computing platform has added NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU accelerators. As part of the platform, GPUs enhance Watson’s natural language processing capabilities and other key applications.”

E4 Computer Engineering to Distribute BOXX Technologies in Italy and Switzerland

Today E4 Computer Engineering announced that it has recently sealed an agreement with BOXX Technologies to become their exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner for Italy and Switzerland. As one of the world’s leading performance computing brands, BOXX Technologies manufactures bespoke high performance workstations for a range of industries and boasts a blue chip client list including Boeing, Disney, MIT, NASA, and Nike.

With GPUOpen, CGG Fuels Petroleum Exploration using AMD FirePro GPUs

Today AMD announced that CGG, a pioneering global geophysical services and equipment company, has deployed AMD FirePro S9150 server GPUs to accelerate its geoscience oil and gas research efforts, harnessing more than 1 PetaFLOPS of GPU processing power. Employing AMD’s HPC GPU Computing software tools available on, CGG rapidly converted its in-house Nvidia CUDA code to OpenCL for seismic data processing running on an AMD FirePro S9150 GPU production cluster, enabling fast, cost-effective GPU-powered research.

Monash University Joins NVIDIA Technology Centre Asia Pacific

Today Monash University announced that it has become the first spoke of the NVIDIA Technology Centre Asia Pacific. With its hub is in Singapore, the NVIDIA Southeast Asia Technology Centre is based at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University and has a core focus on deep learning research and development.

A Look at HPC and Hyperscale Trends for 2016

“In this talk, Intersect360 Research returns with an annual deep dive into the trends, technologies and usage models that will be propelling the HPC community through 2016 and beyond. Emerging areas of focus and opportunities to expand will be explored along with insightful observations needed to support measurably positive decision making within your operations.”

Video: HPC, Deep Learning and GPUs

“From image recognition in social media to self-driving cars and medical image processing, deep learning is everywhere in our daily lives. Learn about recent advancements in deep learning that have been made possible by improvements in algorithms, numerical methods, and the availability of large amounts of data for training, as well as accelerated computing solutions based on GPUs. With GPUs, great performance can be reached across a wide range of platforms, from model development on a workstation to training on HPC and data-center systems to embedded platforms, enabling new horizons for computing and AI applications.”

Video: The Road to the Sierra/Coral Supercomputer

“As it readies for Sierra, a new IBM-based platform, LLNL is not only defining the metrics as it paves the road to Coral, it is taking the first giant steps on the path toward Exascale. This talk will provide an overview of Coral and reveal the plans and progress to evolve applications for Sierra and future large-scale systems.”

AI Expert Gill Pratt from Toyota to Keynote GPU Technology Conference

Today Nvidia announced Gill Pratt, one of the world’s leading figures in artificial intelligence will deliver a keynote at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley on April 7. Pratt joined Toyota last year from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency — the emerging technology arm of the U.S. Defense Department. In January, the world’s largest automaker announced it would invest $1 billion into artificial intelligence over the next five years.

Advanced Hands-On OpenCL Tutorial To Kick-Off IWOCL 2016

Registration is now open for the Advanced Hands-On OpenCL Tutorial at the IWOCL 2016 conferernce. The tutorial focuses on advanced OpenCL concepts and is an extension of the highly successful “Hands on OpenCL” course which has received over 6,500 downloads from GitHub. Simon McIntosh-Smith, Associate Professor in High Performance Computing at the University of Bristol and one of the tutorial authors will lead the sessions.