Video: iWARP Update from OpenFabrics Workshop

Brian Hausauer

In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Brian Hausauer from Intel presents an iWARP Update. “The Internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol (iWARP) is a computer networking protocol for transferring data efficiently. It is sometimes referred to simply as “RDMA”, though RDMA is not a feature exclusive to iWARP.”

True Scale Fabric Powers HPC Efficiency for VSC-3 Project in Austria


With an emphasis on energy efficiency, VSC-3 has a mission to put Austria’s most powerful supercomputer at the forefront of the Green500 with help from ClusterVision, Green Revolution Cooling, and Intel True Scale InfiniBand.

NPL in the UK Demonstrates Quantum Key Distribution

NPL logo

NPL has announced the first successful trial of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology over a live ‘lit’ fiber network.

Video: Exploring NFS/RDMA


In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Shirley Ma and Chuck Lever from Oracle present: Exploring NFS/RDMA.

OFA to Streamline Verbs Interface

Bill D'Amico

“OpenFabrics Alliance members are working to streamline and make the verbs interface more efficient. Since this is an open source effort this will take some time, but the consensus is that there is too much overhead both in the depth of the call stack and in the size of associated data structures for verbs to scale well in the exascale era.”

Nvidia to Offer Full CUDA Support for OpenPOWER in 4Q2014


“Nvidia is adding CUDA software support for GPUs with IBM POWER CPUs. IBM and Nvidia are demonstrating the first GPU accelerator framework for Java, showing an order of magnitude performance improvement on Hadoop Analytics applications compared to a CPU-only implementation.”

400 GbE and HPC

John D’Ambrosia

“The need for 400 GbE goes beyond its actual use in the development of systems for the TOP500.” As noted by the TOP500 itself, as justification for the list, “These people wish to know not only the number of systems installed, but also the location of the various supercomputers within the high performance computing community and the applications for which a computer system is being used. Such statistics can facilitate the establishment of collaborations, the exchange of data and software, and provide a better understanding of the high performance computer market.”

Windows RDMA File Storage


“Utilizing Mellanox’s RDMA-based interconnect solutions and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, end-users can increase their application performance, improve their data center system efficiency, as well as consolidate their server and storage network infrastructure over a single-wire network for optimal CAPEX and OPEX savings.”

OpenFabrics Interfaces Working Group Architecture


“Verbs and RDMA-based networks will continue to be important focus areas, but with the new OFWG, the OFA is expanding its focus to include additional application-centric APIs that could be better suited to other areas and technologies,” said Jim Ryan, chairman, OFA. “Application-centric I/O is an extension of the approach historically taken by the OFA, and we will use our expertise in this area to guide the open source development of APIs and I/O libraries.”

Video: MPI Requirements of the Network Layer


In this video from the OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop 2014, Nathan Hjelm from LANL presents: MPI Requirements of the Network Layer.