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RONNIEE Express: A Dramatic Shift in Network Architecture


In this slidecast, Emilio Billi from A3 Cube presents an overview of the company’s new RONNIEE Express network architecture. “The RONNIEE Express platform elevates PCI Express from a simple interconnect to a new ‘brain inspired’ intelligent network fabric, leveraging the ubiquity and standardization of PCIe while solving its inherent performance bottleneck.”

The Future of Micron Memory and Storage?


Over at InfoStor, Henry Newman from Instrumental writes that a new slide deck from Micron provides and intriguing look at the future of memory technology. “So what does this all mean for our future in the data storage industry? I think Micron and likely other companies are going to making some major changes from 2015 to the end of the decade in the area of non-volatile memory as the market demands changes for mobile devices that need both low power usage and non-volatile memory.”

Slidecast: Lustre Over ZFS on Linux


Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics describes how the company delivers Lustre Over ZFS on Linux. “No single technology solves all problems faced in today’s complex world. WARP Mechanics’ philosophy is to customize the many and varied systems into the exact set of solutions required to address the problems. WARP Mechanics leverages tried–and-true technologies from the most advanced systems and removes the complexity, delivering customized turnkey solutions.”

Improving Lustre OST Performance with ClusterStor GridRAID


John Fragalla presented this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “HPC storage solutions relying on RAID 6 data protection experience Lustre OST degradations and reduced filesystem performance, including potential data loss, during drive failures, rebuilds, and recoveries. ClusterStor GridRAID delivers up to 400% faster drive rebuild times, mitigates drive failures, increases system resiliency, reduces data loss, and maintains peak HPC application performance.”

The Changing Face of the SSD Industry


Over at InfoStor, Henry Newman from Instrumental writes that recent upheaval at Violin Memory could be the vanguard of big shifts in the SSD Market in the next couple of years.

Podcast: Radio Free HPC Looks at Flawed Disk Drive Study


In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at a controversial study of hard drive reliability by Backblaze. Henry Newman was so overwrought over their lack of technical rigor that he wrote up a rant in Enterprise Storage Forum. The question is: Can you really complain when you use consumer hard drive technology for enterprise applications?

RCE Podcast Looks at the FraunhoferFS Parallel File System


In this RCE Podcast, Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres discuss the FraunhoferFS (FhGFS) parallel file system with Christian Mohrbacher and Sven Breuner. Its distributed metadata architecture has been designed to provide the scalability and flexibility that is required to run today’s most demanding HPC applications.

Big Data: A New Challenge for Chemistry & Life Sciences

Carlos P. Sosa

“As for chemistry and life sciences, we see it as a vibrant and dynamic field that’s constantly evolving — from using nanotechnology and new materials to deliver drugs to unraveling the mysteries of how cells work. We definitely have our eye on those new technologies that are revolutionizing the field such as next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS allows for the analysis of genetic material with unprecedented speed and efficiency and is well suited for HPC.”

User Site Census Report Offers New Perspectives on HPC Storage Market

This report, part of our Site Census research, provides an examination of the storage characteristics and capacities found in a sample of HPC user sites.

Still Time to Participate in LUG’14 in Miami

As the annual meeting of the Lustre User Group, LUG’14 LUG is the place to keep up with Lustre, the world’s fastest open source file system.