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Managing Genomics Data with DDN at the Sanger Institute


“We have to explore emerging technologies that could play a significant role in our future architecture,” said Tim Cutts. “We need solutions that give us a much better way to provide storage to our expanding user community with good access controls through iRODS.”

Henry Newman’s Storage Predictions for 2014


“The industry really needs more than POSIX (open/fopen, read/fread,write/fwrite) and more than simple REST put/get interfaces for data in the future. Neither has the richness to address the myriad of polices that are needed in our future world. I predict that there will finally be some honest discussion about this among the customers that need it and the vendors that could create it.”

Slidecast: IBTA & OpenFabrics Update from SC13


In this slidecast, Bill Lee from the InfiniBand Trade Association and Rupert Dance from the Open Fabrics Alliance provide an update on InfiniBand and RDMA from their joint booth at SC13.

OLCF’s Spider II File System


“Once in production we will be providing OLCF users with more than 1 terabyte per second file system performance at the top end,” said Sarp Oral, the task lead for File and Storage Systems projects in the Technology Integration Group, within the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS). “At that speed we expect Spider II to be safely in league with the top three parallel file systems in the world.”

Stockyard Corrals Big Data at TACC


“At SC13, TACC introduced Stockyard, a new global file system with 20 petabytes of storage; Maverick, our new data analysis and visualization system to be deployed in January 2014; and Wrangler, an innovative data resource to be deployed in January 2015.”

Top 10 Data Storage Trends for 2014


In this slidecast, Molly Rector from Spectra Logic reviews her Top 10 Data Storage Trends for 2014. “Organizations will begin to recognize the benefits of Object Storage more easily as enterprise applications increasingly create support for Object and RESTful interfaces to storage.”

Scality on the Path to Exascale Computing


“The Scality Ring provides consistently low latency as well as automated, predictive, and scalable performance scaling into millions of IOPS, thousands of nodes, trillions of objects, and exabytes of capacity.”

Scality RING: A Petabyte-scale, Software-only Storage Solution


In this video, Scality CEO Jérôme Lecat describes the company’s innovative RING storage platform that turns generic x86 servers into a reliable, high performance, storage platform.

Avere Delivers Storage Solutions for the HPC Cloud Era


In this video from SC13, Jeff Tabor from Avere Systems describes the company’s optimized NAS storage solutions including the new Cloud NAS. “Avere has always been on the forefront of pushing the boundaries of file storage performance and efficiency. Avere Cloud NAS is a natural evolution of the product, advancing the adoption of cloud storage for serious business use cases.”

Aeon Computing Ties HPC All Together at SC13


Aeon Computing was recently selected by the San Diego Supercomputer Center to build and deploy a 7 PetabyteLustre parallel file system as part of the new petascale-level Comet supercomputer. The performance of the 7 PB (Petabyte) filesystem will exceed 200 Gigabytes per second.