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NeCTAR Research Cloud to Grow to 30,000 Cores


The NeCTAR Research Cloud in Australia will be expanded considerably during 2014 with more research cloud nodes joining and the existing cloud nodes expanding their offerings.

IBM Launches Platform Computing Cloud Service


IBM has further strengthened its portfolio of cloud solutions, following its announcement last week of a new pricing model for its high-performance cloud storage systems.

Job of the Week: Web & Interface Applications Group Manager at OSC


The Ohio Supercomputer Center is seeking a Web & Interface Applications Group Manager in our Job of the Week.

Nimbix Launches 3D Workstations-as-a-Service


Today Nimbix announced the immediate availability of High Performance 3D Workstations on demand.

Nimbis Services to Power Cloud for Air Force Rapid Innovation Fund


Today Nimbis Services announced the company has been awarded a two-year Air Force Rapid Innovation Fund contract to develop a TSS-SCRM cloud service.

Featured Whitepaper: Creating Intelligent Workload Management for Big Data

Big Workflow

In this whitepaper from Adaptive Computing – we learn about the new concept around Big Workflow and how it directly addresses the needs of critical, data-intensive, applications. By creating more intelligence around data control, Big Workflow directly provides a way for big data, HPC, and cloud environments to interoperate, and do so dynamically based on what applications are running.

HTC to Harness Collective Processing Power of Android Smartphones


This week mobile phone manufacturer HTC announced an initiative that aims to create the a supercomputer by harnessing the collective processing power of Android smartphones.

Slidecast: How Big Workflow Delivers Business Intelligence


In this slidecast, Rob Clyde from Adaptive Computing describes Big Workflow — the convergence of Cloud, Big Data, and HPC in enterprise computing. “The explosion of big data, coupled with the collisions of HPC and cloud, is driving the evolution of big data analytics,” said Rob Clyde, CEO of Adaptive Computing. “A Big Workflow approach to big data not only delivers business intelligence more rapidly, accurately and cost effectively, but also provides a distinct competitive advantage.”

This Week in HPC: Intel Goes Big Memory and Lucera Brings High Frequency Trading to the Cloud


In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman from Intersect360 Research and Rich Brueckner from insideHPC discuss Intel’s new Xeon E7 V2 processors designed for in-memory analytics. Following that, they take a look a the secret sauce behind Lucera’s new cloud for High Frequency Trading.

XSEDE Industry Challenge Bridges the Gap to Manufacturing


Over at the XSEDE blog, Scott Gibson writes that the organization is collaborating with industrial partners to both advance open science and improve companies’ bottom lines. The “Industry Challenge” is a new XSEDE program designed to bring the scientific and industrial communities together in multidisciplinary collaborative teams and connect them with world-class advanced digital services. […]