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World Community Grid Powers Big Genomics


IBM has teamed with UNSW Australia and Brazilian health institute to examine big genomic data using IBM’s World Community Grid. The project seeks to make about 20 quadrillion comparisons of 200 million proteins underlying a wide variety of organisms.

Making the Cloud Easier to Use

Tom Wilkie, Scientific Computing World

“The cloud is ready for high-performance computing (HPC). Enthusiasm is large, but progress is slow,” Karsten Gaier from the software vendor Nice told the ISC Cloud conference in Heidelberg at the end of September. Why should this be so since, as Thomas Goepel from HP pointed out, the cloud ought to be attractive to small and medium sized enterprises that cannot afford their own supercomputing clusters?

New Report: Scaling Ansys in the Cloud


A newly published report by Techila Technologies and Cargotec‘s MacGregor looks at reducing the cost of ANSYS HPC system ownership with cloud services integrated to the enterprise IT.

CPU24/7 Joins UberCloud Marketplace with OpenFOAM Solution


Today the CPU 24/7 group announced that the company’s Cloud-enabled HPC solutions are now available on the UberCloud Marketplace.

Conducting 264 Years of Research in Just 18 Hours


“Stowe shares an example of a 156,000-core workload run in eight regions of the globe that produced 2.3 million hours of computational chemistry research (264 years’ worth) in just 18 hours. He says this capability will transform both access patterns and the kinds of research that pharmaceutical, life sciences and healthcare companies are able to tackle when it comes to analyzing genomes.”

Radio Free HPC: The Day the Cloud Died


In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discuss the possibility of a future where the Big 3 (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft) figure out that Cloud is not profitable and pull the plug. If that Cloud Apocalypse sounds far fetched, a look at recent AWS revenue numbers may prompt you to stock up your bomb shelter.

Using a Widely Distributed Federated Cloud System to Support Multiple Disparate User Communities


“The EGI federated cloud, which has been in development for the past 3 years has now entered production. Building on the tried and trusted EGI core services we have added federated IaS compute and storage services, utilising open standards to support more than 10 pilot communities. We will discuss the model of federation, and the different application design models that the users use and why cloud will be a success when compared with grid due to this inherent flexibility.”

ISC Cloud Conference Looks at Barriers to Adoption

David Pellerin, AWS

“Slagter remarked that a cloud environment meant at least three actors had both practical and legal responsibility in keeping data private and secure: the cloud provider itself was responsible for the physical security of the building where the servers were located as well as the security protocols used; the ISV had responsibility for the security of the application that was being run; and the customer had to have a set of security policies and procedures governing who had access to the portal into the cloud and who was licensed, within the customer’s own company, to use the application software and access the data.”

Video: The IBM Platform Cloud Service

In this video from the 2014 HPC User Forum in Seattle, Charlie Gonzales from IBM presents: The IBM Platform Cloud Service.

A Hazy Future for Cloud Computing?

Wolfgang Gentzsch, The UberCloud

“The independent software vendors, which make the programs that scientists and engineers would like to use in the cloud, are not sure how they can license their software for such an environment. As Felix Wolfheimer of CST remarked, in a moment of candor: “There is a lot of fear in the sales department about opening up the licensing model’ so that software licenses will be flexible enough for use in the cloud.”