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Nimbix & Bitfusion Deliver Affordable High Performance GPU Resources in the Cloud

Today Nimbix and Bitfusion rolled out a new combined solution to offer more choices to application developers looking for high performance GPU accelerators on an on-demand basis. The Nimbix Cloud, powered by JARVICE, now integrates Bitfusion Boost to offer lower cost accelerator resources for developing compute hungry machine learning, analytics, and photorealistic rendering algorithms. “Nimbix has been about empowering developers to create accelerated applications in the cloud since day 1,” said Nimbix CTO Leo Reiter. “With this new combined solution, developers have more choices than ever before when it comes to performance and economics for the next generation of cloud computing workflows.”

Rescale Cloud Speeds Manor Racing Trackside Simulation

Manor Racing will use Rescale’s cloud high performance computing platform to enable trackside simulation on a whole new scale for the team. “The cloud market is moving at the speed of Formula 1. We are continually challenging ourselves to enable our customers to achieve better results faster by leveraging and deploying the latest technologies in computing hardware and simulation software to the industry leaders. We are now doing this with Manor Racing and not only deploying cutting edge technology, but also technology that delivers direct and tangible results through the sport. It’s very exciting for all of us.”

FlyElephant Platform Adds Private Repositories

flyelephantToday the FlyElephant announced a number of upgrades that allow users to work with private repositories with an improved system security and good task functionality. “FlyElephant is a platform for scientists, providing a computing infrastructure for calculations, helping to find partners for the collaboration on projects, and managing all data from one place. FlyElephant automates routine tasks and helps to focus on core research issues.”

Elastic Computing Comes to Swiss University from ProfitBricks and Bright

Today Bright Computing announced that it has teamed up with the Germany-based ProfitBricks to provide a cutting edge elastic HPC solution to a Swiss University. “This is a unique example of how Bright Computing can help a company move their HPC requirement to the cloud,” said Lee Carter, VP EMEA at Bright Computing. “Bright enables the university to dynamically expand and contract the infrastructure needed to support their research projects, all at the click of a button. This ensures the university only pays for the computational resources it needs, when they need them, saving time and expense.”

Cyber Dyne’s KIMEME Software Comes to Penguin On Demand

Today Penguin Computing announced the availability Cyber Dyne’s KIMEME software on the POD public HPC cloud service. “It’s now possible to submit and manage large DOEs and optimization simulations flawlessly in the cloud,” said Ernesto Mininno, CEO, Cyber Dyne. “These tasks are much easier and faster thanks to the computational power of Penguin Computing’s POD HPC services.”

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Announces Haven OnDemand Machine Learning-as-a-Service

Today Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced HPE Haven OnDemand, an innovative cloud platform that provides advanced machine learning APIs and services that enable developers, startups and enterprises to build data-rich mobile and enterprise applications. Delivered as a service on Microsoft Azure, HPE Haven OnDemand provides more than 60 APIs and services that deliver deep learning analytics on a wide range of data, including text, audio, image, social, web and video.

Empowering Cloud Utilization with Cloud Bursting

Cloud computing has become a strong alternative to in house data centers for a large percentage of all enterprise needs. Most enterprises are adopting some form of could computing, with some estimates that as high as 90 % are putting workloads into a public cloud infrastructure. The whitepaper, Empowering Cloud Utilization with Cloud Bursting is an excellent summary of various options for enterprises that are planning for using a public cloud infrastructure.

IBM Opens First Cloud Datacenter in South Africa

Today IBM that it is opening a new Cloud Data Center in Johannesburg, South Africa. The new cloud center is the result of a close collaboration with Gijima and Vodacom and is designed to support cloud adoption and customer demand across the continent. IBM will provide clients with a complete portfolio of cloud services for running enterprise and as a service workloads.

STAR-CCM+ Moves to the Cloud with ACTnowHPC

Today Advanced Clustering Technologies announced it has partnered with CD-adapco to offer the company’s industry-leading engineering simulation software solution, STAR-CCM+, to customers using Advanced Clustering’s on demand HPC cluster in the cloud, ACTnowHPC. “We’re pleased to announce that our HPC cloud now makes STAR-CCM+ immediately accessible to engineers who purchase the license from CD-adapco,” said Kyle Sheumaker, President of Advanced Clustering Technologies. “With STAR-CCM+, we’re making it easier than ever for our customers to enhance workflow productivity in order to discover better designs faster.”

Video: Boosting HPC with Cloud

“Rescale provides a unified HPC simulation platform for the Enterprise IT environment. Rescale’s platform integrates with existing job schedulers to burst workloads to cloud computing resources. We provide high performance computing options such as InfiniBand-connected and GPU-accelerated nodes that can be provisioned on-demand. We will demo an example workload on such an on-demand cluster. Finally, we will cover the Rescale administration panel for managing your cloud/on-premise connectivity for software licenses and single sign-on authentication.”