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Podcast: Interview with DDN's New President, Joe Cowan

In this podcast, Jeff Denworth from DataDirect Networks introduces the company’s new President, Joe Cowan. As a former member of the DDN board, Cowan brings a wealth of experience in the enterprise, a space where DataDirect Networks hopes to grow with its Big Data solutions. Read the Full Story * Download the MP3 * Subscribe on […]

TACC's Hadoop Cluster Makes Big Data Research More Accessible

Over at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, Aaron Dubrow writes that researchers are using a specialized cluster at TACC to do experimental Hadoop-style studies on a current production system. This system offers researchers a total of 48, eight-processor nodes on TACC’s Longhorn cluster to run Hadoop in a coordinated way with accompanying large-memory processors. A […]

Video: Science as Voyage – Ian Foster at TEDxCERN

In this video from the TEDxCERN event, Ian Foster takes us on a journey of Big Process for Big Data, with a call to action for the kind of collaborative processes we need.

Slidecast: Teradata Rolls Out Intelligent Memory Technology

In this slidecast, Scott Gnau from Teradata Labs presents: Teradata Intelligent Memory. The introduction of Teradata Intelligent Memory allows our customers to exploit the performance of memory within Teradata Platforms, which extends our leadership position as the best performing data warehouse technology at the most competitive price,” said Scott Gnau, president, Teradata Labs. “Teradata Intelligent […]

Video: Why the Size of the Data Does Not Define Big Data

In this video from the 2013 HPC User Forum, John Hengeveld from Intel presents: Big Data Use Cases – The Size of the Data does not define Big Data. Download the slides (PDF) or check out the HPC User Forum Video Gallery.

A Look at Five HPC Buzzwords

Over at the Adaptive Computing Blog, Ian Nate writes that five HPC buzwords are dominating the conversation as of late. We’ve noticed a rise in the use of Energy-Efficient Computing, especially when it comes to HPC and Datacenter. A key factor in the future of large-scale HPC systems, energy efficiency is emerging as likely a […]

Radio Free HPC Fireside Chat – HPC Embraces Big Data

In this slidecast, the Radio Free HPC team interviews Fritz Ferstl, CTO of Univa. Topics include Big Data, HPC, and the continuing convergence of both. While what we think of as traditional HPC may differ greatly from Big Data analytics, that seems to be changing. With a long history in high performance computing and customers […]

Green Graph 500 Launches to Boost Energy Efficient Big Data Computing

In this special guest feature, Torsten Hoefler from ETH Zurich writes that the new Green Graph500 aims to boost energy-efficient Big Data Computing. “Big Data” can be analyzed in various ways. The most successful and prevalent programming model, MapReduce, convinces by its flexibility toadapt to hardware performance variations and faults. However, even though MapReduce covers […]

Indiana University Helps NASA Manage Big Data for Operation IceBridge

Indiana University has contributed Big Data expertise and infrastructure to NASA’s Operation IceBridge, a decade-long polar ice monitoring project. For the past four years, IU Research Technologies, a cyberinfrastructure and service center affiliated with the Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI), has provided IT support for the Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS), a National […]

High Performance RDMA-based Design for Big Data and Web 2.0 memcached

In this video from the 2013 Open Fabrics Developer Workshop, D.K. Panda from Ohio State University presents: High Performance RDMA-based Design for Big Data and Web 2.0 memcached. Check out more presentation videos at our Open Fabrics Workshop Video Gallery. Most of the slides from the Workshop have been posted as well.