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Video: Tuning and Measuring Performance on Lustre


In this video from the Rice Oil & Gas Workshop, John Fragalla from Xyratex presents: Tuning and Measuring Performance on Lustre. As an HPC Principal Architect, John Fragalla brings global expertise to Xyratex. He is a leader on many strategic and complex customer engagements worldwide, and provides technical advisement on future product development and direction within Xyratex and the industry to design storage solutions that meets customer requirements.

Interview: Steve Simms Re-elected as Community Representative Director for OpenSFS

Stephen Simms

“A key mission for OpenSFS to accomplish is to keep attendees up to date on where Lustre is at. In addition to the technical talks identifying Lustre’s current capabilities, departing community representative director, Tommy Minyard, will deliver an OpenSFS commissioned report from an independent organization examining the current state of Lustre.”

OpenSFS Announces LUG 2014 Agenda


Today OpenSFS announced the agenda for the LUG 2014 conference, which will take place April 8-10 in Miami.

Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss LUG 2014 in Miami


LUG 2014 will bring together industry leaders, end-users, developers, and vendors to talk Lustre, contribute to the community, and move the technology forward.

Porting Hadoop to HPC


Ralph H. Castain from Intel presented this talk at the Adaptive Computing booth at SC13. “The solution allows customers to leverage both their HPC and big data investments in a single platform, as opposed to operating them in siloed environments. The convergence between big data and HPC environments will only grow stronger as organizations demand data processing models capable of extracting the results required to make data-driven decisions.”

Slidecast: Lustre Over ZFS on Linux


Josh Judd from Warp Mechanics describes how the company delivers Lustre Over ZFS on Linux. “No single technology solves all problems faced in today’s complex world. WARP Mechanics’ philosophy is to customize the many and varied systems into the exact set of solutions required to address the problems. WARP Mechanics leverages tried–and-true technologies from the most advanced systems and removes the complexity, delivering customized turnkey solutions.”

Improving Lustre OST Performance with ClusterStor GridRAID


John Fragalla presented this talk at the Stanford HPC Conference. “HPC storage solutions relying on RAID 6 data protection experience Lustre OST degradations and reduced filesystem performance, including potential data loss, during drive failures, rebuilds, and recoveries. ClusterStor GridRAID delivers up to 400% faster drive rebuild times, mitigates drive failures, increases system resiliency, reduces data loss, and maintains peak HPC application performance.”

Challenges of Exascale Systems from an Applications Perspective


Intel’s Mark Seager presented this talk at 2014 HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference. “In this talk, we will review the many challenges of building practical Exascale systems by the end of the decade and Extreme scale systems in the 2020s. Some of these challenges, such as extreme levels of parallelism, have direct impact on applications, while others, such as new data paradigms, offer real breakthrough application and scientific opportunities.”

Lustre Grows Momentum for 2014


“Looking back on 2013 and seeing the growth and development of not only OpenSFS, but also the Lustre community as a whole, makes us extremely excited,” said Galen Shipman, OpenSFS Chairman. “Lustre is healthier than ever, and is continuing to grow as new features like Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) and Distributed Namespace (DNE) are being added that will directly benefit HPC, Big Data, and Enterprise users.”

Still Time to Participate in LUG’14 in Miami

As the annual meeting of the Lustre User Group, LUG’14 LUG is the place to keep up with Lustre, the world’s fastest open source file system.