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Radio Free HPC Looks at the Need for Better Resource Management in Linux


“I think the time has come for Linux – and likely other operating systems – to develop a more robust framework that can address the needs of future hardware and meet the requirements for scheduling resources. This framework is not going to be easy to develop, but it is needed by everything from databases and MapReduce to simple web queries.”

How Collaboration is Driving Simulation Software at Airbus


“The goal at Airbus is to create a single fully integrated simulation-driven design process. He explained that they are developing simulation to the point where it is implemented from “conceptual design, to detailed design, all the way to the certification of the aircraft and finally to the continued development of the aircraft.”

Docker for HPC: Multiple Information Layers for Cluster Management


In this video from ISC’14, Christian Kniep from Bull presents: Understand Your Cluster by Overlaying Multiple Information Layers. Kniep is using Docker technology in a novel way to ease the administration of InfiniBand networks.

HPC, Cloud & Big Workflow: What’s New in Moab 8.0


“This latest version of Moab underscores our commitment to innovation in the technical computing sectors,” said Rob Clyde, CEO at Adaptive Computing. “HPC’s powerful engine is at the core of extracting insights from big data, and these updates will enable enterprises to capitalize on HPC’s convergence with cloud and big data to garner faster insights for data-driven decisions.”

Bright Computing with New Capabilities at ISC’14


In this video from ISC’14, David Maples discusses some of the many benefits you can expect when you use a unified, enterprise-grade software solution to manage all of your clusters. “From automated health checks to node provisioning at the push of a button, there’s a lot to be gained by using the right tool for the job.”

How PBS Pro Maximizes HPC Utilization at the Weizmann Institute


“The Weizmann Institute replaced Moab with PBS Professional to manage a 3,096-core HP cluster shared among hundreds of users. The transition process was easy, thanks to Altair’s excellent customer services and support. Now, the Institute enjoys higher cluster usage rates and greater productivity from their award-winning scientists.”

Univa Grid Engine Boosts HPC Utilization at ISC’14


In this video from ISC’14, David Brooks from Univa discusses how the workload and resource management software layer can drastically improve ROI by boosting utilization as well as productivity. At the conference, Univa announced a collaboration with German IT service provider CPU 24/7 as well as certified integration with Schlumberger’s ECLIPSE reservoir simulation software.

Adaptive Computing Nitro Fuels HP Apollo for Higher Throughput


Today Adaptive Computing announced it has combined technologies with HP to deliver greater performance and higher throughput by running Adaptive’s Nitro on HP Apollo Systems.

Moab 8.0 Speeds HPC and Big Workflow

Today Adaptive Computing announced that the Moab 8.0 HPC Suite-Enterprise Edition will be generally available within 30 days.

UNLV Supercomputing Center Switches to Altair PBS Professional


Today Altair announced that UNLV has chosen PBS Professional to replace its previous HPC workload management implementation at the National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment (NSCEE).