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Interview: GPU Technology Conference Enters 5th Year with Over 100 HPC Sessions


The upcoming GPU Technology Conference is entering it’s fifth year with developer talks on everything from Numerical Algorithms to Big Data Analytics. “In short, we’ll have a ton of HPC content. There are nearly 100 sessions dedicated to supercomputing and HPC topics. This includes major scientific research enabled by these GPU-accelerate systems – everything from breakthroughs in cancer research and astronomy, to HIV research and new big data analytics innovation.”

Seac02 Brings Augmented Reality to Altair Alliance


Seac02, the developer of the real-time rendering and augmented reality software LinceoVR, has joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). As the APA’s first rendering tool, LinceoVR expands the program’s simulation offering.

Large Datasets Continue to Challenge Aerospace Engineers


“In aerospace, users prefer to have the option to visualize the entire system. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something routinely done. By definition, system-level visuals involve too much data. If an engineer is trying to troubleshoot something in an analysis program, he or she will most likely analyze only the subcomponents that contribute to the problem. For example, electrical wiring information can safely be omitted when doing an airflow study of the outer surface.”

VCollab: Displaying Ansys EKM Simulation Models in a Browser


Over at the Ansys Blog, Thomas Lehnhaeuser writes that VCollab softwares enables users to save time and view simulation models and their results without having to open a corresponding post-processing tool.

Forget 4K TV – Check out the NASA hyperwall-2


Now that the recent CES Conference has us all thinking that 4K displays are state-of-the-art, I thought it might be a good time to show this video of the hyperwall-2 at NASA. This 128-screen tiled LCD wall is arranged in a 8×16 configuration that measures 23-ft. wide by 10-ft. high. The display system is connected to […]

Dassault Acquires RTT


Dassault has announced the signing of an acquisition agreement for an 84 per cent interest in Realtime Technology (RTT).

Sponsored Post: Display Manager from Altair: Remote Visualization for HPC


Display Manager is a web-based environment for remote visualization of very Big Data arising from large HPC simulations. “Display Manager eliminates the need for massive data movement across networks by leveraging NVIDIA GRID GPU’s for server side remote visualization. This represents a major milestone in the path toward complete simulation lifecycle management.” Watch the demo to see it in action.

Fovia Showcases High Definition Volume Rendering at SC13

This week Fovia presented “Diagnosis is Painless” as part of Intel’s exhibit at SC13. The company showcased High Definition Volume Rendering, an advanced solution that uses off-the-shelf Intel CPUs for real-time visualization, analysis and distribution of large, three-dimensional datasets.

The Coolest Demo at SC13: zSpace Immersive 3D Display Technology


In this video, Barton Fiske from ZSpace demonstrates the company’s immersive 3D display technology. This is simply amazing stuff!

Demo: Altair Display Manager – Web-based Remote Visualization of Big Data


In this video, Dario Dorella from Altair demonstrates the company’s Display Manager, a new portal for remote visualization of extremely large models developed from Big Data resources.