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NASA’s Rupak Biswas Investigates the Weird World of Quantum Computing


In this special feature, John Kirkley talks with Dr. Biswas to learn more about NASA’s fledgling involvement in the weird world of quantum computing.

DOE Awards $25.4 Million for Exascale Interconnect Design


The DOE has awarded $25.4 million in research and development contracts to five leading HPC companies to accelerate the development of next-generation supercomputers.

DDN to Deliver Site-Wide File System at LANL

Today DataDirect Networks announced that Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has selected DDN high-performance storage to support its Institutional Computing program.

Blue Waters and XSEDE to Collaborate

The Blue Waters petascale computing project at NCSA and the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) have signed a collaborative agreement, bringing together the National Science Foundation’s two largest cyberinfrastructure projects.

Livermore Fires Up Catalyst – a Big Data Supercomputer


Today LLNL, Intel and Cray announced a unique HPC cluster that will provide a proving ground for new HPC and Big Data technologies and architectures. As the name implies, Catalyst aims to accelerate HPC simulation and big data innovation.

Interview: NERSC Upgrades to DDN SFA for Centralized Storage


Last week DDN announced that NERSC had has upgraded its scratch storage for temporary scientific data into a single site-wide system with four petabytes of storage built on DataDirect Networks Storage Fusion Architecture. To learn more, we caught up with Laura Shepard, Director of Marketing for HPC at DDN.

Simulating Coal-fired Power Technology


Researchers at the University of Utah will ultilize powerful super­computers to simulate and test a new type of low-emission coal-fired power plant.

Report: Sequester Hurting American Research


A new report shows that the American research community is already experiencing extreme setbacks as a result of sequestration. Produced by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology along with 15 other science organizations, the report is based on a nationwide, online survey designed to measure the effects of the faltering federal investment on scientists and the research they are trying to conduct.

Supercomputing Skills are Key to UK Economic Growth

Sumit Gupta

Supercomputing is no longer the reserve of a few select universities, but rather on the priority list for both the government and education bodies. To this end, Nvidia’s CUDA Centres of Excellence recognizes, rewards and fosters collaboration with institutions at the forefront of massively parallel many-core computing research.

Exascale Bills Coming Up for Consideration in Congress

Dick Durbin

The road to exascale computing will require substantial public investment. But that expense must be measured against the enormous long-term costs our nation will face if we abandon our quest for leadership in high-performance computing.