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The Past, Present and Future of Engineering Simulation

Bill Clark, EVP at CD-adapco

“Whereas previous generations of engineers could take some comfort in the ‘safety net’ of extensive physical testing to rescue them from the occasional poor prediction, CAE is increasingly the victim of its own success as simulation continues to displace hardware testing as industry’s verification method of choice. Although this increased confidence in simulation is well-deserved (and has been hard-earned through many years of successful prediction), it brings with it a great deal of pressure to ‘get the answer right’ every time.”

Wolfgang Gentzsch on Linux Containers for Cloud HPC


“One important recent technological development might have the power to change the world of HPC cloud: UberCloud Containers. The UberCloud started in mid-2013 using an open platform, called Docker, that can package an application and its dependencies in a virtual container that runs on any modern Linux server. The UberCloud enhanced Docker to suit it for technical computing applications in science and engineering.”

Hartree Centre to Host HPC in Industry Event Dec. 4


The Hartree Centre in the U.K. will host the first annual HPC in Industry event Dec. 4 in Coventry.

InsideHPC Guide to Lustre Solutions for Business

Guide to Lustre

The recent release of a commercial version of the Lustre* parallel file system was big news for business data centers facing ever expanding data analysis and storage demands. Now, Lustre, the predominant high-performing file system installed in most of the supercomputer installations around the world, could be deployed to business customers in a hardened, tested, easy to manage and fully supported distribution.

Altair Advances Product Design Trends with HyperWorks 13.0


Today Altair announced a new release of HyperWorks, the most comprehensive version to date of its computer-aided engineering (CAE) software platform.

This Week in HPC: HPC Gets the Drop on Design Simulation: Collaboration with Dell, Intel, and Altair

this week in hpc

“Impact analysis or drop testing is one of the most important stages of product design and development, and software that can simulate this testing accurately yields dramatic cost and time-to-market benefits for manufacturers. Dell, Intel and Altair have collaborated to analyze a virtual drop test solution with integrated simulation and optimization analysis, delivering proven gains in speed and accuracy. With this solution, engineers can explore more design alternatives for improved product robustness and reliability.”

Call for Proposals: PRACE Project Access

PRACE logo

The Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe has issued their Call for Proposals for PRACE Project Access. By providing access to some of the fastest supercomputer in Europe, the Call for Proposals targets large-scale, computationally intensive projects that would not be possible or productive without access to PRACE resources.

Six Myths of HPC for Engineering Simulation

Wim Slagter, Lead Product Manager for HPC at ANSYS

“A decade ago, HPC may have indeed been primarily associated with big supercomputers. However, the computer industry has delivered enormous increases in computing speed and power at consistently lower costs. Think about more compute cores per CPU, integrated I/O on processor die (yielding higher memory bandwidth), more and faster memory (channels), larger L3 cache size, faster disk storage (like solid-state drives for ANSYS Mechanical), faster interconnects, AVX support, etc. Through these advances made I can counter this myth #1 by stating that HPC is today available throughout the entire computer spectrum.”

UConn Students Enjoy Free Access to Ansys Simulation Software


ANSYS recently donated a campus-wide license to the University of Connecticut, giving students and researchers access to leading structures simulation.

Fujitsu to Launch HPC Competency Center in Bangalore


Fujitsu has announced plans to set up an HPC Competency Center in Bangalore to help scientists and engineers perform advanced computational work.