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How Containers will Enable Ubiquitous CAE as a Common Tool for Every Engineer

Over at the UberCloud, Wolfgang Gentzsch writes that, despite the ever increasing complexity of CAE tools, hardware, and system components engineers have never been this close to ubiquitous CAE as a common tool for every engineer.

FLOW-3D Release Scales CFD up to 512 Cores

Flow Science has just released FLOW-3D/MP v6.1, the high-performance computing version of its flagship CFD software, FLOW-3D. Enhancements include active simulation control, batch post processing and report generation. “Our 5-6 day simulations became 15-18 hour simulations using FLOW-3D/MP running on our cluster with Infiniband interconnect,” said Dr. Justin Crapps of Los Alamos National Labs. “Decreased simulation time allows us to investigate more design options and additional physics/phenomenological complexity.”

Do IT Systems Joins Bright Partner Program

Today Bright Computing announced that Italy-based Do IT Systems has signed up to the Bright Partner Program. “Together, Bright Computing and Do IT Systems offer a compelling proposition for Italian customers that require high quality HPC solutions and remote HPC management,” said Roberto Strano, Technical Manager at Do IT Systems. “We have been very impressed with the Bright software, and we are confident that it will enable our customers to develop and manage HPC clusters in an affordable and efficient way.”

Video: Microsoft Azure for Engineering Analysis and Simulation

Tejas Karmarkar from Microsoft presented this talk at SC15. “Azure provides on-demand compute resources that enable you to run large parallel and batch compute jobs in the cloud. Extend your on-premises HPC cluster to the cloud when you need more capacity, or run work entirely in Azure. Scale easily and take advantage of advanced networking features such as RDMA to run true HPC applications using MPI to get the results you want, when you need them.”

ESI Opens Datacenter at Teratec for Engineering in the Cloud

Although the cloud has become an accepted part of commercial and consumer computing, science and engineering have been less welcoming to the concept, but this could be on the point of changing with the announcement this month that the ESI Group will be delivering advanced engineering simulation in the cloud, across multiple physics and engineering disciplines.

COMSOL Multiphysics Comes to Rescale Cloud Simulation Platform

Today Comsol announced the availability of COMSOL Multiphysics software on the Rescale Cloud simulation platform. “For customers seeking HPC resources for bigger analyses, this important initiative with Rescale allows our users to take full advantage of both the COMSOL Multiphysics software and Rescale’s secure and flexible simulation environments,” said Phil Kinnane, COMSOL’s VP of Business Development.

Call for Papers: 2016 Optical Interconnects Conference

The fifth annual Optical Interconnects Conference has issued its Call for Papers. Hosted by the IEEE Photonics Society, the event takes place May 9-11 in San Diego. “Optical interconnect strategies can only be fully realized when optimized at the system level,” said Lukas Chrostowski, University of British Columbia and Samuel Palermo, Texas A&M University, OI Conference 2016 General Co-Chairs. “This year’s Optical Interconnects Conference promises to be an important step in the exploration of the interconnect potential for future petascale and exascale platforms in supercomputers and datacenters.”

Video: Trends and Tech in the HPC Market

In this video from SC15, Dell’s Onur Celebioglu discusses why HPC is now important to a broader group of use cases. He also provides an overview of HPC for research, life sciences and manufacturing. Participants learned more about why HPC, big data and cloud are converging, and how Dell solves challenges in our HPC engineering lab and through collaborative work with other leading technology partners and research institutions.

Call for Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Abstracts: HPCS 2016

The 2016 International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation (HPCS 2016) has issued its Call for Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Abstracts. The mission of HPCS is to address, explore and exchange information on the state-of-the-art in high performance and large scale computing systems, their use in modeling and simulation, their design, performance and use, and their impact. The Conference will be held on July 18 – 22, 2016 in Innsbruck, Austria.

ESI Opens New European HPC Center

Today the French ESI Group announced the opening of its new European HPC Center. The datacenter is now based on the Teratec Campus, an ideal location to launch collaborative High-Performance Computing projects as it is in the vicinity of Europe’s biggest HPC center: the CEA’s Très Grand Centre de Calcul. The new datacenter will effectively act as ESI’s POD (Point of Delivery), serving all ESI offices across Europe as a platform for ESI’s new software development and engineering services alike. ESI teamed up with Legrand, the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures to meet the technical challenges surrounding this project.