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Supercomputing 102: The Toolbox of a Successful Computational Scientist

Judith Hill

“Successful computational scientists are experts in both a scientific field, such as chemistry, physics, or astrophysics, knowledgeable about both mathematical representations and algorithmic implementations, and also specialize in developing and optimizing scientific application codes to run on computers, both large and small. A truly successful computational science investigation requires the “three A’s”: a compelling Application, the appropriate Algorithm, and the underlying Architecture.”

TACC & ANSYS Power Firefly Space Systems


This week Firefly Space Systems announced a collaboration with ANSYS and TACC to help design next-generation rockets.

GPUs Accelerate Science at University of Delaware

Dr. Michela Taufer, Associate Professor at the University of Delaware

“It’s not about how GPUs help my work but rather how GPUs help me to fulfill my personal and professional mission of helping scientists discover science through high-performance computing.”

Tech-X Leverages Terascala to Develop Advanced Scientific Apps

Terascala logo

Tech-X Corporation is using a high-performance storage appliance managed by Terascala software to help develop data-intensive scientific applications.

NSF Funds New Testbeds for Cloud Application Experiments


Today the NSF announced a pair of $10 million cloud computing testbeds for the development of novel cloud architectures and applications.

Video: HPC as Key Technology for NASA


In this video the Teratec Forum, Rupak Biswas from NASA describes how modeling and simulation using supercomputers is critical to the agency’s mission.

Jay Boisseau Moves to Lead Vizias Startup

Jay Boisseau, CEO of Vizias

Jay Boisseau, the former Director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, is now CEO at a stealthy startup called Vizias. As you’ll recall, Boisseau left TACC in January. While the Vizias web site is just a placeholder at the moment, we were able to discover some details about the company from their Facebook page.

Clemson Becomes the Latest CUDA Teaching Center

Josh Levine shows how GPUs work in his McAdams Hall office at Clemson University.

Today Clemson University Monday announced that it has been named a CUDA Teaching Center.

Video: American Supercomputer Pilot Episode


In this parody of the American Chopper tv show, PSSC Labs presents a pilot for American Supercomputer. Here we watch PSSC Labs successfully deploy University of Rhode Island’s fastest supercomputer.

Video: Gearing Up for the SC14 Student Cluster Competition


In this video, a team of students from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville prepare for the SC14 Student Cluster Competition. In related news, SC14 has announced the full roster of teams for this year.