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ARCHER is now the UK’s Most Powerful Supercomputer


The £43 million ARCHER supercomputer will provide high-performance computing for research and industry in the UK.

Microway Rolls out Octoputer Servers with up to 8 GPUs


Today Microway announced a new line of servers designed for GPU and storage density. As part of the announcement, the company’s new OctoPuter GPU servers pack 34 TFLOPS of computing power when paired with up to up to eight NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerators. NVIDIA GPU accelerators offer the fastest parallel processing power available, but […]

New Eurotech G-Station Deskside HPC system


Today Eurotech announced their new G-Station, a liquid-cooled departmental HPC system.

Piz Daint – Europe’s Most Powerfull Supercomputer Cleared for Users


Today CSCS inaugurated the Piz Daint supercomputer in Lugano, Switzerland. As part of the the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre, Piz Daint is currently the most powerful computer in Europe.

This Week in HPC: Japan’s Exascale Plans and HPC Conference March Madness


In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss Japan’s Exascale plans from the Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing (BDEC) conference. After that, the topic switches to the coming Springtime Tsunami of HPC conferences.

Dr. Klaus Schulten to Keynote ISC’14

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulten

“In his ISC’14 keynote, Professor Schulten will discuss how the atomic perspective of living cells has assumed center stage through advances in microscopy, nanotechnology and computing. Schulten will share how decades of refinements of in silico, in vitro and in vivo technologies has opened a new era in life sciences.”

Ricky Kendall from ORNL Passes Away


The HPC community lost one of its own this week with the passing of Ricky Kendall from Oak Ridge. “Ricky came to ORNL from AMES lab and was one of a handful of leaders who helped catapult Oak Ridge to the top of high performance computing. His expertise in Computational Science were critical to fielding the most capable systems on the planet and more importantly, mentoring and attracting the highest caliber computational scientists to deliver cutting edge science on these systems. He will be truly missed both professionally and as a close friend to so many.”

New Bright Cluster Manager for HPC, OpenStack, and Hadoop Clusters


Today Bright Computing announced plans to roll out a new line of products designed to manage HPC clusters, Apache Hadoop clusters, and OpenStack private clouds.

Early-Bird Registration Opens for ISC’14


The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC’14) has opened Advance Registration. Open to engineers, IT specialists, systems developers, vendors, end users, scientists, researchers, students and other members of the HPC global community, the event will take place June 22-26 in Leipzig, Germany.

Intel Xeon Phi Boosts Helios Supercomputer to 2 Petaflops for ITER Fusion Project

CEA-F4E CSC team standing between a section of the “Helios” supercomputer: from left to right, Jacques David, François Robin, Jacques Noé (CEA) and Susana Clement Lorenzo (F4E).

The French CEA is expanding the power of the Helios supercomputer in Japan with additional Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.