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Call for Submissions: HPCAC-ISC 2015 Student Cluster Competition

(Left to Righ) Chenhui Quan, Konstantinos Mouzakitis, Emmanouil Farsarakis (Manos) and Georgios Iniatis.

Today the HPC Advisory Council and ISC High Performance Conference announced the return of the widely successful HPCAC-ISC Student Cluster Competition in next year’s ISC program of events.

Fujitsu to Launch HPC Competency Center in Bangalore


Fujitsu has announced plans to set up an HPC Competency Center in Bangalore to help scientists and engineers perform advanced computational work.

Video: Introduction to Node Level Performance Engineering


In this video, CSCS in Switzerland begins a two-day training course aimed to teach performance engineering approaches on the compute node level.

Video: How to Create Reducers with OpenMP


When multiple threads need to work together to perform a combined mathematical operation such as a sum, one way to avoid race conditions is using reducers. In this video from Go Parallel, Jeff Cogswell from Slashdot Media shows you how to accomplish reducers with OpenMP.

OpenACC Events in Houston and Oak Ridge Issue Calls for Participation


Fans of OpenACC will have the opportunity to participate in a pair of events in October.

Get Started Parallel Programming Using CUDA on OS X


Over at QuantStart, Valerio Restocchi has written up a quick guide for installing CUDA 6.0 on OS X.

How to Accurately Time Your Parallel Loops in OpenMP


In this video from GoParallel, Jeff Cogswell from Slashdot Media walks through a quick tutorial on Timing Your Parallel Loops in OpenMP.

Interview: Wolfgang Gentzsch on the Changing Landscape for ISC Cloud’14

Wolfgang Gentzsch

“While today business Clouds are easy to access and use, R&D Clouds have not yet reached this level, with their sophisticated applications and architectures. It’s a similar difference with business applications versus HPC applications; it takes a few hours to start using a CRM application on’s platform, while it still might take weeks for an engineer to get an application like ANSYS Fluent or Simulia’s Abaqus up and running in the Cloud.”

Online Course Breaks New Ground: Practical Numerical Methods with Python

Lorena Barba, George Washinton University

George Washington University is launching a groundbreaking example of inter-institutional collaboration in open education through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “Practical Numerical Methods with Python.”

Job of the Week: PETTT Senior Technical Lead at Engility


Engility is seeking a PETTT Senior Technical Lead in our Job of the Week.