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Inside the UberCloud HPC Experiment


Over at HPC Magazine, Wolfgang Gentzsch and Burak Yenier write that high performance computing in the cloud is now becoming a reality. For many, getting there entails reviewing (and demystifying) the issues traditionally associated with Cloud HPC, including performance, cost, software licensing, and security.

“The Decade of Sensing” Comes to Oil & Gas

Breunig resize

Over at Rice University, Patrick Kurp writes that the recent Rice Oil & Gas HPC Workshop drew more than 500 attendees from industry and academia.

How to Manage Exabytes of Distributed Data?


“With the exabytes of data that are being generated today, it has become essential to integrate networking technology and data management technology in order to manage the movement and storage of the data. Policy-based data-management systems provide a way to proceed. They represent perhaps the latest stage in the evolution of data-management systems from file-based systems, to information-based systems, and now to knowledge-based systems.”

Interview: Steve Conway on the Upcoming HPC User Forum–April 7-9


“The main topics for our April 7-9 meeting in Santa Fe are industrial partnerships with large HPC centers and how they’re working, with perspectives from the U.S., France and the UK. We’ll also take another hard look at what’s happening with processors, coprocessors and accelerators and at potential disruptive technologies, as well as zeroing in on the HPC storage market and trends and the CORAL procurement that involves Oak Ridge, Argonne and Livermore.”

How to Choose the Right Hard Drive for the Task at Hand


“Choosing a hard drive requires attention to detail about the drive and about how you are going to use it. The how you are going to use it is a big deal, as it is not just the application reads and write but also includes the file system, file system layout for thing such as logs, the storage controller or appliance framework, the protocols and even something as simple the number of failures you have.”

Kurzweil: Natural Language is the Key to AI at Google


Over at The Guardian, Carole Cadwalladr writes that Ray Kurzweil is looking to take artificial intelligence to the next level in his role as Director of Engineering at Google. Language is the key, he says of his one-line mission statement: help bring natural language understanding to Google.

Sponsored Post: An Open Letter to the HPC Community from Christiaan Best, CEO of Green Revolution Cooling

Christiaan Best

Christiaan Best, Founder & CEO of Green Revolution Cooling discusses the fiery motivation his organization has to change the data center cooling industry, their recent explosion of growth, and the cost-effective future of liquid submersion cooling.

The Scary Side of AI and Big Data


Douglas Eadline writes that recent big investments in AI technology by IBM and Google show that intelligent systems are the future of big business. The problem is, these advancements could come at the expense of our privacy.

For Financial Services, it’s HPC to the Rescue

Austin Trippensee

“Today, most financial services organizations try to solve all of their big data challenges using either grid or cluster technologies. One popular approach involves the use of Hadoop running on commodity x86-based clusters. At Cray we’re taking a different approach, leveraging our supercomputing technologies to improve I/O performance, disk utilization and efficiency.”

Video: Intel’s Genevieve Bell Keynotes SC13

Genevieve Bell

“Bell’s fascinating talk on the intersection of big data and society began in 11th century England with the Doomsday Book of William the Conqueror, and brought the audience forward through ten centuries to the big data opportunities — and challenges — we face as a society today.”