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This Week in HPC: Cray Scales Up Manufacturing Capacity and NetApp Sheds 600 Employees


In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss Cray’s newly opened plant that will effectively double the company’s supercomputing manufacturing capacity. Times may not be so good at NetApp, where the company is in the midst of layoffs.

Slidecast: Panasas PanFS 5.5 Steps Up with Windows Support for the Enterprise


In this slidecast, Geoffrey Noer from Panasas describes the company’s new PanFS 5.5 release, which offers Windows support for technical computing. “This new release makes ActiveStor even more suitable for deployments in energy, life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and other markets where high-quality Windows interoperability is required.”

Radio Free HPC Looks at Why We Need Declustered RAID


In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the coming wave of declustered RAID solutions designed to address the problem of ever-increasing RAID rebuild times. With 5 Terabyte and larger drives in the wings, RAID cluster rebuild times are becoming impractical.

This Week in HPC: 2014 Oil & Gas HPC Workshop and DDN Goes All-Out for Object Storage


In this podcast, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell from Intersect360 Research discuss the 2014 Oil & Gas Workshop at Rice University. Following that, they take a look WOS 360, the latest in Object Storage technology from DDN.

Radio Free HPC Looks at the RONNIEE Network Architecture


In this episode, the Radio Free HPC team looks at the newly announced RONNIEE Network Architecture from A3 Cube. Rich Brueckner did a slidecast with their CTO last week, but Dan Olds and Henry Newman need to know more and see this thing for themselves.

This Week in HPC: CORAL’s 200 Petaflop Supercomputers and Maxeler HPC Debut at Daresbury


In this podcast, Michael Feldman and Addison Snell discuss the CORAL collaboration to procure a trio of 200 Petaflop supercomputers. In other news, our intrepid hosts look at the new energy efficient Maxeler supercomputer that will soon be deployed at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory.

RONNIEE Express: A Dramatic Shift in Network Architecture


In this slidecast, Emilio Billi from A3 Cube presents an overview of the company’s new RONNIEE Express network architecture. “The RONNIEE Express platform elevates PCI Express from a simple interconnect to a new ‘brain inspired’ intelligent network fabric, leveraging the ubiquity and standardization of PCIe while solving its inherent performance bottleneck.”

Radio Free HPC on The Exascale Report Acquisition


In this podcast, the Radio Free HPC team discusses the recent acquisition of The Exascale Report by insideHPC. “Exascale-level computing remains a daunting challenge that is still years away, and Rich is excited to take it on as an editorial focus. The good news is that he’ll be moving the publication away from its subscription model to make it free for all to read.”

This Week in HPC: Intel Goes Big Memory and Lucera Brings High Frequency Trading to the Cloud


In this episode of This Week in HPC, Michael Feldman from Intersect360 Research and Rich Brueckner from insideHPC discuss Intel’s new Xeon E7 V2 processors designed for in-memory analytics. Following that, they take a look a the secret sauce behind Lucera’s new cloud for High Frequency Trading.

Slidecast: Preview of vSMP Foundation 5.5 Virtualization Software


In this slidecast, Shai Fultheim from ScaleMP provides an update on the company’s recent announcements and previews vSMP 5.5 Foundation software. With the rise of in-memory analytics, the company is seeing rapid deployment growth for its server aggregation software.