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Optimizing Cloud and HPC Technologies for Advanced Simulation


Rob Walsh from Altair Engineering presented this talk at the HPC User Forum. “The HyperWorks Unlimited Physical Appliance is a fully configured high-performance computing (HPC) appliance specifically designed to manage and solve today’s advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) workload demands. Completely managed by Altair, this appliance creates an instant, secure private cloud environment allowing unlimited use of Altair’s entire HyperWorks CAE software suite.”

Video: Dell Powers Comet Supercomputer at SDSC


“Comet is SDSC’s newest HPC cluster, designed as a high-throughput system with unique HPC virtualization capabilities to accommodate a large number of researchers looking for rapid turnaround. It is built on Dell PowerEdge C6320 servers with Intel Xeon Haswell E5 2680v3 processors.”

Video: Oclgrind – An Extensible OpenCL Device Simulator

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“We describe Oclgrind, a platform designed to enable the creation of developer tools for analysis and debugging of OpenCL programs. Oclgrind simulates how OpenCL kernels execute with respect to the OpenCL standard, adhering to the execution and memory models that it defines. A simple plugin interface allows developer tools to observe the simulation and collect execution information to provide useful analysis, or catch bugs that would be otherwise difficult to spot when running the application on a real device. We give details about the implementation of the simulator, and describe how it can be extended with plugins that provide useful developer tools. We also present several example use-cases that have already been created using this platform, motivated by real-world problems that OpenCL developers face.”

HPC Matters to Aerospace


In this video from the SC15 HPC Matters series, NASA Aerospace Engineer Dr. Shishir Pandya describes how high performance computing helps advance airplane and rocket technologies. “Why does high-performance computing matter? Because science matters! Discovery matters! Human beings are seekers, questers, questioners. And when we get answers, we ask bigger questions. HPC extends our reach, putting more knowledge, more discovery, and more innovation within our grasp. With HPC, the future is ours to create! HPC Matters!”

Video: Network Architecture Trends


Pavan Balaji from Argonne presented this talk at the Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing. “More cores will drive the network, with more sharing of the network infrastructure. The aggregate amount of communication from each node will increase moderately, but will be divided into many smaller messages.”

Video: Beowulf Boot Camp Trains the Next Generation of HPC Experts


“This exciting course offers students and teachers a unique opportunity to work with advanced research technology not usually available in a typical classroom setting. Students will engage in the following activities: building a computer cluster from scratch; installing the Linux operating system on the computer they’ve built; connecting computers put together by their peers to make a mini-supercomputer; learning how to program a mini-supercomputer in parallel with Python; interactive activities to help understand how Parallel computing works in Supercomputing; running performance benchmarks to determine how your cluster ranks in comparison with the fastest and largest supercomputers in the world.”

James Reinders Presents: Vectorization (SIMD) and Scaling (TBB and OpenMP)

James Reinders

James Reinders from Intel presented this talk at the Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing. “We need to embrace explicit vectorization in our programming. But, generally use parallelism first (tasks, threads, MPI, etc.).”

Heterogeneous On-Demand Storage for HPC Workflows in the Cloud


Leo Reiter from Nimbix presented this talk at the HPC User Forum. “Unlike conventional commodity cloud platforms, JARVICE and the Nimbix Cloud are purpose built to run any processing job at speed and scale. It means that as your problems get more complex, JARVICE simply expands to handle them.”

Asetek Continues Momentum with Largest Server Installation Order to Date


Today Asetek announced its biggest purchase order to date for its RackCDU data center liquid cooling system. The order was placed by an undisclosed Original Equipment Manufacturing partner. The order for 21 RackCDU with Direct-to-Chip cooling loops is to satisfy an undisclosed OEM customer installation. Both the OEM and the end user will be announced when the information becomes public.

Video: Prologue O/S – Improving the Odds of Job Success


“When looking to buy a used car, you kick the tires, make sure the radio works, check underneath for leaks, etc. You should be just as careful when deciding which nodes to use to run job scripts. At the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility (NAS), our prologue and epilogue have grown almost into an extension of the O/S to make sure resources that are nominally capable of running jobs are, in fact, able to run the jobs. This presentation describes the issues and solutions used by the NAS for this purpose.”