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Ruud van der Pas Presents: OpenMP Tasking Explained


In this video from SC13, Ruud van der Pas from Oracle presents an overview of tasking in OpenMP 4.0.

A Gentle Introduction to MPI


PRACE has developed an extensive series of online HPC Tutorials. In this video, CSC provides a basic introduction to parallel programming concepts such as task/data parallelism and an introduction to parallel programming concepts such as parallel scaling and Amdahl’s law.

A Deep Dive into Data Management in OpenACC

Open ACC version 2.0 is using enhanced data management capabilities in its quest to become the de facto standard for directive-based accelerators programming in C/C++ and Fortran.

Podcast: Chef Configuration Management Tool


In this RCE Podcast, Brock Palin and Jeff Squyres appear on the Food Fight show to discuss the Chef configuration management tool.

Understanding I/O Patterns with strace


“The last lesson I want to mention is that there is more than one way to do I/O. By switching from the “one-by-one” approach, which wrote the data once the data structure was full, to the “array” method, which created an array of data structures and filled them before writing out the data, I was able to improve my data I/O pattern.”

Scalable and Resilient MPI and GPUDirect RDMA


In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC13, DK Panda from Ohio State presents: High Performance Scalable and Fault Resilient MPI and GPUDirect RDMA. See more talks from the Mellanox Booth.

RCE Podcast Looks at Scalable Checkpoint/Restart (SCR)


In this podcast, Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres speak with Kathryn Mohror and Adam Moody about Scalable Checkpoint/Restart (SCR).

New XSEDE Tools to Aid Campus Cluster Administrators

This week XSEDE announced a new set of software resources designed to ease tasks for campus system administrators.

Accelrys Acquires Qumas

Accelrys, the laboratory software provider, has acquired Ireland-based Qumas for approximately $50 million.

Why OpenACC 2.0 is a Step Forward


Over at the Cray Blog, James Beyer writes that the 2.0 Version of OpenACC has some important new features for parallel programmers.