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Understanding I/O Patterns at the Block Level with ioprof

Jeff Layton

Over at Admin HPC, Intel’s Jeff Layton writes that understanding how data makes its way from the application to storage devices is key to understanding how I/O works and that monitoring the lowest level of the I/O stack, the block driver, is a crucial part of this overall understanding of I/O patterns.

New Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Includes Support for OpenMP 4.0


Today Intel launched Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015, the latest release of its developer toolkit for HPC and technical computing applications.

Video: How to Create Reducers with OpenMP


When multiple threads need to work together to perform a combined mathematical operation such as a sum, one way to avoid race conditions is using reducers. In this video from Go Parallel, Jeff Cogswell from Slashdot Media shows you how to accomplish reducers with OpenMP.

Ben Golub on How Docker will Change the Datacenter

Ben Golub, CEO of Docker

“Until Docker came around some people used containers but the use was very much restricted to large organizations, like Google, that had specialized teams and training. But the containers weren’t portable between different environments. With Docker we’ve made containers easy for everybody to use; we’ve made them portable between environments; we made them exceptionally lightweight and we built up a huge ecosystem around that.”

Get Started Parallel Programming Using CUDA on OS X


Over at QuantStart, Valerio Restocchi has written up a quick guide for installing CUDA 6.0 on OS X.

RCE Podcast on the Numba Just-in-time Compiler for Accelerating Python

RCE Podcast logo

In this RCE Podcast, Brock Palen and Jeff Squyres discuss the Numba just-in-time compiler with Stanley Seibert from Continuum Analytics.

How to Accurately Time Your Parallel Loops in OpenMP


In this video from GoParallel, Jeff Cogswell from Slashdot Media walks through a quick tutorial on Timing Your Parallel Loops in OpenMP.

CUDA Fortran Managed Memory with PGI 14.7

unified memory

Over at the PGIinsider, Brent LeBack writes that new PGI Compiler release 14.7 enables Unified Memory in CUDA Fortran.

XSEDE Announces Compatible Basic Cluster Software

xsede logo

Today XSEDE and Indiana University announced the XSEDE Compatible Basic Cluster (XCBC) software suite

Video: An Introduction to OpenACC


In this video, Bronson Messer from ORNL presents: An Introduction to OpenACC. “OpenACC is gaining momentum and adoption,” said Duncan Poole, President of the OpenACC Standards Group. “Developers benefit because using OpenACC directives makes parallel programming more productive and collaboration easier. Large, legacy codes are easier to maintain and accelerated code is more portable across HPC systems.”