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Rich Brueckner to Discuss Big Data Trends at October Carrier Event


Hurricane Electric will host its next Carrier Networking Event on Wednesday, October 30. The event will feature Rich Brueckner from insideBIGDATA. “We are thrilled to welcome Rich to our increasingly popular Carrier Networking Event. Big Data stands out in the industry as a topic continually growing in importance and we look forward to Rich sharing his extensive knowledge and thoughts on future trends.”

Podcast: Wolfgang Gentzsch on EUDAT and the Ubercloud


Wolfgang Gentzsch from the HPC Experiment discusses the Ubercloud and EUDAT. Europe’s EUDAT aims to develop and support a Collaborative Data Infrastructure allowing researchers to share data across communities and carry out research effectively.

A New Look for insideHPC


insideHPC features a fresh, new design.

Video: Indiana University to Collaborate on Shockwave Physics Project

Thomas Sterling and Andrew Lumsdaine discuss a recent $1.9M DOE award for the Indiana University to lead a collaborative shockwave physics project with scientists from Notre Dame and Purdue.

MIT Magnetic discovery Could Turn Computer Storage on its Head

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have discovered a magnetic breakthrough that they say could revolutionise the computer storage industry forever. Geoffrey Beach and a team of researchers have published a paper detailing the effect of flipping polarity in the wrong direction against the electronic flow using magnetic films. The phenomenon was considered bizarre […]

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW – Peg Williams, Senior Vice President HPC Systems, Cray Inc.

This interview appears courtesy of The Exascale Report. Peg Williams was recently named to the position of Senior Vice President, HPC Systems at Cray.  In her new role, Williams is responsible for the company’s R&D efforts along with the product and business line management.  With more than 20 years experience in HPC, she has a […]

Is Spectra Tape’s Last Great Hope?

Is the tape business turning around in 2011 as predicted by storage pundity, Henry Newman? Well, so far, so good for Spectra Logic, who announced this week that their revenues grew more than 60 percent year over year. In fact, George Crump, Senior Analyst at Storage Switzerland writes that the company is being rewarded for […]

CHPC Brings World-Class HPC to Southern Hemisphere

A new EE Publishers feature story by Hans van de Groenendaal showcases CHPC, the Centre for High Performance Computing and their vision make South Africa a premier destination for high-end computing in the southern hemisphere. Housed at the CSIR in Cape Town, the CHPC’s SUN Constellation system is the fastest supercomputer in Africa and amongst the […]

Big Sky: HPC Peels Back Layers of Universe

Supercomputing resources at NERSC are helping to process data from the Planck spacecraft providing new insight as to how the universe looked just a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang . Because Planck is observing the whole sky, it is giving us a comprehensive look at how all the smaller structures of the […]

The Case for a Better HPC Benchmark

Mark Anderson at IEEE Spectrum writes that it’s time for high-performance computers to be rated not just in petaflops (quadrillions of floating-point operations per second) but also in “gigateps” (billions of traversed edges per second). What we’re most interested in is being able to traverse the whole memory of the machine,” says Richard Murphy, a […]