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CHPC Brings World-Class HPC to Southern Hemisphere

A new EE Publishers feature story by Hans van de Groenendaal showcases CHPC, the Centre for High Performance Computing and their vision make South Africa a premier destination for high-end computing in the southern hemisphere. Housed at the CSIR in Cape Town, the CHPC’s SUN Constellation system is the fastest supercomputer in Africa and amongst the […]

Big Sky: HPC Peels Back Layers of Universe

Supercomputing resources at NERSC are helping to process data from the Planck spacecraft providing new insight as to how the universe looked just a few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang . Because Planck is observing the whole sky, it is giving us a comprehensive look at how all the smaller structures of the […]

The Case for a Better HPC Benchmark

Mark Anderson at IEEE Spectrum writes that it’s time for high-performance computers to be rated not just in petaflops (quadrillions of floating-point operations per second) but also in “gigateps” (billions of traversed edges per second). What we’re most interested in is being able to traverse the whole memory of the machine,” says Richard Murphy, a […]

Fujitsu to Resume Supercomputer Exports

According to this story by Yomiuri Shimbun, Fujitsu plans to start exporting supercomputers after a 10 year absence from the market. The supercomputer Fujitsu plans to export is the same type of “K Computer” next-generation supercomputer now being developed jointly with Riken, an independent administrative institution under the the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology […]

insideHPC to Keep Up Over Holidays

I’ve always found it best to manage expectations, so I wanted to let our readers and sponsors know that insideHPC will continue to publish daily posts over the holiday season. There may be fewer press releases this time of year, but there is never a shortage of interesting HPC stories out there. Happy Holidays!

Podcast: ORNL to Bolster Lustre Performance, Reliability with Help from Whamcloud

In this podcast, Galen Shipmen, Technical Integration Group Leader at ORNL and Brent Gorda, Whamcloud CEO discuss their recent partnership announcement. Technical activities spelled out under the contract aim to support the Scalable File System Center (SFSC) and include engineering efforts to enhance Lustre on petascale systems. We also discuss the recent OpenSFS meetings at […]

GPUs Could Speed Scientific Discovery

Scientific Computing reports that the advent of GPU parallel processing and heterogeneous systems like Tianhe-1A could speed the advance of science. Such hybrids will probably take over in the future. “If we want bigger or faster machines, this is what the future looks like: undoubtedly multicore and almost undoubtedly heterogeneous multicore,” says Bronson Messer, acting […]

Special Feature: So You Wanna’ Start an HPC Business?

Whether you’re a startup or an industry giant, one day you may catch the HPC bug. You may ask yourself “why not start an HPC business?” After all you’re visionary, a risk-taker, smarter than the average bear. Besides, success at the apex of technology – worthwhile in its own right – can also translate into […]

NextIO Announces Record IOPs with Next-Gen vSTOR Appliance

NextIO today announced a new IOP performance benchmark in its next generation vSTOR S200 platform, the company’s solid-state flash storage array solution designed to dynamically increase storage performance in the datacenter. vSTOR S200 features 16 Fusion-io flash-based storage-class memory (ioMemory) cards with a storage capacity of 10.2 terabytes (TB) and delivers 4.2 million IOPS (input/output […]

Allinea Collaborates with CEA on Debuggers for 100K Cores and Beyond

This week Allinea Software announced an expanded collaboration agreement with CEA, the French government-funded technological research organization. The aim of the collaboration is to make debugging tools both portable and easy to use for large scale debugging on hybrid systems with well over 100,000 cores. Working together, we can address the growing numbers of cores […]