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Huawei Introduces New FusionServer Products at SC14

Huawei announced US availability of its FusionServer X6800 Data Center Server and a liquid cooled version of its FusionServer E9000 blade server at SC14. Historically, the main challenges of HPC have been computational performance, memory and storage improvement, simplified installation and deployment,” said Jun Xu, Vice President of Marketing for Huawei Enterprise USA. “At SC14 we […]

MetaFlows Deploys Network Defenses for the Entire Internet Community at SC14

MetaFlows announced the deployment of its 10 Gbps solution in support of  SC14. The SCinet Network Operation Center will use the MetaFlows security system (MSS) as one of the key operational components in securing the conference’s  network infrastructure. MetaFlows’ innovative network antivirus, sandboxing and real-time behavioral analysis is deployed as a 64-core 10 Gbps appliance capable of […]

Panasas Strengthens Executive Leadership With New Hires

Panasas announced today the addition of two new executives to the C-level leadership team. Joining the company are Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tom Shea, who leads all technical organizations at Panasas including engineering, operations, service and IT, and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Jim Donovan, who leads the global marketing organization with responsibility for product management, brand strategy, demand creation and sales enablement. I am thrilled that Tom and […]

Spirent Federal Used to Test SCinet’s SC14 Multi-Technology Network

Spirent Federal Systems, a leader in network, services and devices testing for federal agencies and critical infrastructure providers, announced today that SCinet is using its high-speed Ethernet solutions to test the performance of its WAN infrastructure. SCinet, the powerful network that is providing nearly 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) of capacity for SC14, is provisioning […]

Gigamon Enables Threat Detection and Analysis at 100Gb Rates at SCinet

 Gigamon announced that for the fifth straight year it will support visibility into SCinet during SC14. Scinet is one of the fastest, most powerful and advanced networks in the world for the fastest computers in the world . Gigamon is providing multiple Visibility Fabric nodes and GigaSMART applications that provide traffic intelligence for the monitoring and security tools […]

Penguin Computing’s Scyld Cloud Workstation Enables Graphics Accelerated, Remote 3D Visualization for Efficient, Client-less Supercomputing

Penguin Computing announced its new Scyld Cloud Workstation with a unique remote 3D visualization capability featuring graphics accelerated and client-less remote supercomputing through a standard Wi-Fi connection and browser, essentially giving customers universal access to high performance computing in the cloud. Scyld Cloud Workstation, powered by NVIDIA GRID™ technology, ensures a more efficient workflow. It saves valuable time by […]

PGI High Performance Computing Compilers Coming to IBM POWER Systems

NVIDIA announced that it is developing an enhanced version of the widely used PGI® optimizing compilers which will allow developers to quickly develop new applications or run Linux x86-based GPU-accelerated applications on IBM POWER CPU systems with minimal effort.   The PGI optimizing Fortran, C and C++ compilers for POWER will provide a user interface, language features, parallel programming […]

Seagate Announces Reseller Agreement With SGI

Seagate Technology announced that it has signed a reselling partnership agreement with SGI, a global leader in high performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management. SGI will be offering customers the ClusterStor™ 1500, 6000, and 9000 appliances, along with the ClusterStor Secure Data Appliance (SDA). Working with Seagate, our joint customers will be able to […]

Bull Commits to Exascale Computing at SC14

Bull unveiled its exascale program at SC14. The main objective of the program is to design and develop the next generation of supercomputers in Europe and contribute to producing world-class solutions for research and industry. With one of the largest teams dedicated to High-Performance Computing (HPC), Bull is experiencing a paradigm shift that gives it the critical […]

Numascale, Supermicro, and AMD Announce the World’s Largest Shared Memory System

Numascale announced the successful installation of a large shared memory Numascale/Supermicro/AMD system at a customer data center facility in North America. The system is the first part of a large cloud computing facility for analytics and simulation of sensor data combined with historical data. The Numascale system, installed over the last two weeks, consists of 108 […]