Fovia Showcases High Definition Volume Rendering at SC13

This week Fovia presented “Diagnosis is Painless” as part of Intel’s exhibit at SC13. The company showcased High Definition Volume Rendering, an advanced solution that uses off-the-shelf Intel CPUs for real-time visualization, analysis and distribution of large, three-dimensional datasets.

The Coolest Demo at SC13: zSpace Immersive 3D Display Technology


In this video, Barton Fiske from ZSpace demonstrates the company’s immersive 3D display technology. This is simply amazing stuff!

Demo: Altair Display Manager – Web-based Remote Visualization of Big Data


In this video, Dario Dorella from Altair demonstrates the company’s Display Manager, a new portal for remote visualization of extremely large models developed from Big Data resources.

Simulating Coal-fired Power Technology


Researchers at the University of Utah will ultilize powerful super­computers to simulate and test a new type of low-emission coal-fired power plant.

Video: Visualization of Monitoring Data at NASA


The NAS facility includes several supercomputers, archival storage systems, Lustre filesystems, and NFS filesystems as an integrated system. If any one piece is down, it can affect the whole facility. Therefore, the visualization provided with Nagios did not meet the needs of NAS, so another layer was added to create a quick view of the system status.

Altair’s New HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel Speeds Aerodynamics Simulation


We anticipate that the ease, flexibility, accuracy and speed of HyperWorks Virtual Wind Tunnel will make it very popular not only across the auto industry but also in other fields where external aerodynamic simulation is crucial, such as architectural design and construction and wind-turbine development.

SC13 Seeks Your Best Visualizations

SC13 is seeking submissions for their “Walk-in Video Loop” of scientific visualizations. Displayed on the big screen before and after the plenary sessions, these videos will showcase the state-of-the-art in simulation footage. These videos will be projected on a 32’ by 18’ high definition surface and should have at least a 1920×1080 pixel resolution at […]

Mapping the Magnetosphere for Better Space Weather Forecasts

Over at NICS, Hanneke Weitering writes researchers are developing new technologies that could help us plan for castostrophic solar storms. In this effort, Homa Karimabadi, group leader of space plasma simulations at the University of California, San Diego, has teamed up with visualization specialist Burlen Loring of LBNL to create a topological map of Earth’s […]

Sandia’s 3D Earth Model Pinpoints Source of Earthquakes and Explosions

The Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs have partnered to develop a 3-D model of the Earth’s mantle that can pinpoint earthquakes and explosions.

Video: Eagle Simulations Show Temperature of Cosmic Gas

This video shows a volume rendering of a test simulation for the Eagle project. The intensity corresponds to the density of cosmic gas, whilst color encodes its temperature. Red roughly corresponds to 100,000 degrees Kelvin (considered ‘warm’ by astronomers), whilst white corresponds to 10-100 million degrees Kelvin. The core aim of the EAGLE project is […]