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Video: SGI ICE X Presentation at SC12

In this video from the Mellanox booth at SC12, Paul Kinyon from SGI presents on the SGI ICE X, a fifth-generation blade-based x86 cluster. According to Kinyon, the SGI Ice X was the first platform to support FDR InfiniBand at the node level, the switch level, and the fabric level.

Video: NASA's Dan Duffy on the Intel Xeon Phi at SC12

In this video from the Intel Xeon Phi announcement at SC12, Dr. Dan Duffy at NASA Goddard describes the installation of his IBM iDataPlex M4 servers. Using the IBM Intelligent Cluster process, his team was able to complete the installation in 48 hours as well as a Linpack run that landed them at number 52 […]

Podcast: Radio Free HPC Reviews the SC12 Student Cluster Competition

In this wrap-up review of SC12, the Radio Free HPC team discusses the Student Cluster Competition, covering the teams, results, and a discussion of how the competition has evolved over the years and where it should go in the future. Download the MP3 * Download the video * Subscribe on iTunes * RSS Feed

Video: IDC HPC Market Update from SC12

Did you know that 3Q2012 was the biggest quarter of revenue in the history of HPC? In this video from SC12, Earl Joseph from IDC presents an HPC Market Update. Topics include: Top Trends in HPC, Vendor Revenue, and HPC Forecasts as well as an overview of a new IDC Study on Creating an Economic […]

Moab HPC Suite – Remote Visualization Edition at SC12

In this video from the Adaptive Computing booth at SC12, company president Michael Jackson presents: Moab HPC Suite – Remote Visualization Edition. With Moab HPC Suite — Remote Visualization Edition, you can improve the productivity, collaboration and security of the design and research process by only transferring pixels instead of data to users to do […]

Video: What was Hot at SC12?

In this video from SC12, I stop by the Swiss HPC-CH booth for a cup of coffee and a chat with Michele De Lorenzi about conference highlights. As a reminder, the Swiss Supercomputing Centre will host the HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2013 in Lugano, Switzerland March 13-15, 2013.

Demo: All-Spark Cube at Adaptive Computing SC12 Booth

In this video from the Adaptive Computing booth at SC12, Ian Nate from Adaptive demonstrates the flexibility of the company’s Moab software through a custom-built All Spark Cube. Adaptive Computing, a cloud management and high performance computing outfit in Utah, needed something really cool to bring to their trade shows. Something that makes order out […]

ATK Aerospace Taps PBS Pro Supercomputing at SC12

In this video from SC12, Ramesh Krishnan from ATK Aerospace describes how the company uses supercomputing resources managed by PBS Pro to simulate, test, and build better and safer products.

Chinese Supercomputer Vendor Sugon Sponsors SC12 Student Cluster Challenge

In this video from SC12, Sha Chaoqun from Sugon describes the company’s products for high performance computing. As a leading Chinese server vendor, Sugon helped sponsor the SC12 Student Cluster Challenge.

Demo: Cycle Computing Spins Up Big AWS Clusters on-the-fly at SC12

In this video from SC12, Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe demonstrates how easy it is to use the company’s software to provision large compute instances on the AWS cloud. CycleCloud is the leading software for creating HPC clusters in the cloud, from small to Top 500 Supercomputer scales. CycleCloud makes it easy to deploy, secure, […]