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Accelerating CFD with PyFr on GPUs

Flow over a spoiler deployed at 90 degrees to the oncoming flow, computed on a mesh with 1.3 billion degrees of freedom using 184 x Nvidia M2090 GPUs (Emerald HPC facility at the Centre for Innovation UK).

Over at TechEnablement, Dr. Peter Vincent writes that PyFR is an open-source 5,000 line Python based framework for solving fluid-flow problems that can exploit many-core computing hardware such as GPUs.

Video: The CloudFlow Experiment – CFD in the Cloud


In this video from the I4MS Event in Berlin, Michel Pottiez presents: Cloudflow – The CFD Experiment.

CSI Speeds CFD Code Development with Allinea DDT


Wisconsin-based Convergent Science, Inc. (CSI) is well-known for their advanced CFD software. As their development teams focus on speed, precision, and simplifying their workflows, the company says that debugging their code with Allinea DDT is providing a competitive advantage.

Video: GPU-Acceleration of Applied CFD


Stan Posey from Nvidida looks at the current state of parallel CFD for industry use through hybrid CPU-GPU heterogeneous computing.

OCF Offers XFlow CFD in the Cloud

OCF has announced that engineers in the UK can now access XFlow Computational Fluid Dynamics software as an online HPC service, powered by an 8,000-core server cluster. Live since early July, the service has shown almost linear speed increases up to 1000 cores, and is already being used by an international car manufacturer. To complement […]

Free Webinar: Solving Real-Life Problems with CFD – Parallel Performance of AcuSolve on Cray Systems

  Altair and Cray have been collaborating to assess the parallel efficiency of AcuSolve, Altair’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver. In this 45-minute webinar, Altair and Cray present the result of their joint effort to fine-tune and test AcuSolve’s performance on Cray systems. Webinar Date: July 16 Time: 2:00pm Fluid mechanics applications are known to […]

Recent Advances in Overcoming the Red Shift for CFD Simulation Analytics

In this video from the 2013 HPC User Forum, Scott Imlay from Tecplot presents: Recent Advances in Overcoming the Red Shift for CFD Simulation Analytics. Download the slides (PDF) or check out the HPC User Forum Video Gallery.

Should CFD be an Exact Science?

Over at the IMAGINiT CFD Blog, Ryan Stamm writes that while Computational Fluid Dynamics is not an exact science, it is good engineering. I’ve been asked to carry out results data to 3 or 4 decimal places! Really? Do results showing 4.015 psi drive product development in a different direction than 4 psi? If so, […]

Video: Scaling CFD and UQ codes on Sequoia

In this video from the HPC Advisory Council Stanford Conference, Joe Nichols from Stanford presents: Scaling CFD and UQ codes on Sequoia.

Stanford Researchers Conduct First-ever Million-core CFD Run on Sequoia Super

Andrew Myers writes that Stanford researchers using the Sequoia IBM Bluegene/Q system at LLNL have set a new record, harnessing a million compute cores to model supersonic jet noise. These runs represent at least an order-of-magnitude increase in computational power over the largest simulations performed at the Center for Turbulence Research previously,” said Joseph Nichols, a […]