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CUDA 6 Release Simplifies Parallel Programming With Unified Memory, Drop-In Libraries

Today Nvidia announced CUDA 6, the latest version of the company’s parallel computing platform designed to make parallel programming easier than ever.

Allinea Demos Unified DDT Debugger and MAP Profiler at ISC'13

In this video from ISC’13, Patrick Wohlschlegel from Allinea demonstrates the newly unified Allinea DDT debugger and Allinea MAP profiling tools. We’ve noticed fluidity in the workflow. A developer uses Allinea DDT to get the code right, then Allinea MAP to understand its performance, and then flicks back into Allinea DDT to uncover a performance […]

Allinea Unified Debugging/Profiling Tools Give Users an Edge

Here at ISC’13 in Leipzig, Germany. It is easy to see that Unification is a good thing. This week Allinea announced a unification of its own with smart 4.1 Release that lets developers and scientists debug and profile interchangeably. We’ve noticed fluidity in the workflow. A developer uses Allinea DDT to get the code right, […]

Podcast: More than Big Data – Scott Gnau on the Teradata Unified Data Architecture

In this podcast, Scott Gnau from Teradata Labs discusses various aspects of Big Data and how the company’s Unified Data Architecture can position the enterprise to succeed. Download the MP3 * Subscribe on iTunes * If Dropbox is blocked, download audio from Google Drive.

Mellanox Accelerates Teradata Unified Big Analytics Appliance

Today Mellanox announced that Teradata has chosen its InfiniBand interconnect solution to accelerate the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance. Designed for demanding analytics which require high computational power and the fastest data movement, the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance offers up to 19 times better data throughput and performs analytics up to 35 times faster […]

Video: OpenFabrics Panel: Big Data – Shared vs. Unified, Local vs. Remote

In this video, Galen Shipman from ORNL conducts a panel discussion entitled: Big Data – Shared vs. Unified, Local vs. Remote. Moderator: Galen Shipman, ORNL Speakers: DK Panda, OSU; Josh Simons, VMware; Apurva Desai, EMC; Sumanta Chatterjee, Oracle Recorded at the OpenFabrics Workshop on March 27, 2012 in Monterey, CA.

Gluster Rolls Out First Unified File and Object Storage for OpenStack

John Kreisa writes that today’s release of the Gluster Connector for OpenStack is big news for the cloud. So what are we about to release for OpenStack? This line from the press release says it all: “The Gluster Connector for OpenStack …supports the virtual motion of the VMs within the OpenStack compute environment.” This is […]

Video: Unified Networking Benefits with Intel Ethernet 10 Gigabit

In this video, Intel’s Brian Yoshinaka talks about the benefits of moving to unified networking with Intel Ethernet 10 Gigabit. Included in his discussion are benefits around lower power costs, lower infrastructure costs and significantly increased network bandwidth.

Video: Unified Runtime for PGAS and MPI over OFED

In this video, OSU’s D.K. Panda presents Unified Runtime for PGAS and MPI over OFED. Recorded at the 2011 Open Fabrics International Workshop in Monterey. Slides from the Workshop are now available for download, but you’ll need to complete a free registration with OFED first.

Terascala's Unified Interface for Lustre

Rick Friedman blogs on the the Terascala Management Console, which enables cluster administrators to fully control their Lustre environments including the hardware it’s running on. Based on Java, the Terascala Management Console can run from any system with connection to a Terascala storage appliance. With access to data about both the hardware and file system […]