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VMware Makes Progress on Virtualizing HPC


In this video, Matt Herreras and Josh Simons discuss recent developments in virtualization technologies for HPC. Please pay attention, folks. This stuff is going to change how we, as a community, get supercomputing done and it is happening now.

An HPC Virtualization Update from VMware

Josh Simons

Over at the VMware CTO Office, Josh Simons writes that HPC efforts are stepping at the company with new staffing and some exciting InfiniBand performance improvements that could help make virtualization a widespread technology for high performance computing.

Video: Josh Simons from VMware on Virtualization for HPC and Big Data

In this video, William Wallace from insideHPC interviews VMware’s Josh Simons on the topics of virtualization and RDMA, high performance computing, and Big Data. Recorded at the Open Fabrics Workshop on March 26, 2012 in Monterey, CA. Josh has also posted some interesting notes on his presentation on RDMA at the Workshop: In my introduction, […]

Video: VMware Update on Virtualization Technologies for HPC at SC11

In this video, Josh Simons from VMware provides an update on how virtualization technologies are being adopted by HPC. Recorded at SC11 in Seattle. Is virtualization coming to HPC? The answer is yes, and you can follow this technology as it progresses at Simons’ High Performance Computing Blog from the VMware CTO office. From last […]

EMC Breaks Record with 1 Million IOPS in VMware

This week EMC announced record-breaking storage throughput and bandwidth in a VMware vSphere 5 environment. The company described the achievement as accelerating customers’ journey to the cloud. With this new storage performance level, organizations can now confidently virtualize even their largest online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, with the most stringent workloads and lowest latency service […]

VMware: We will Virtualize Entire World in Six Years

By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author VMware is unquestionably the bellwether of virtualization on the x64 server platform, particularly within corporate data centers that run companies not in the internet business. And among VMware’s customer base, the penetration of virtualization is on the rise. Virtualization use is not just expanding in terms of […]

No VMware in HPC?

It’s not just the absence of VMware, but virtualization in general. This technology has really changed the way that enterprise IT is implemented, but has had comparatively little impact on, or interest from, HPC. Chris Willard writing at HPCwire’s blogs muses on why this might be, and comes up with a few examples where he […]

Pros and Cons of HPC Virtualization

Deepak Khosla, President, X-ISS

In this special guest feature from Scientific Computing World, X-ISS President Deepak Khosla argues that while enterprise computing makes extensive use of virtualization, it could make a big difference in HPC as well if it is introduced properly.

Data and Goliath: Why Startups Own the Future of Big Data


So, if I had to put this talk in a nutshell, Yes, I am very bullish on how Docker (containers) and virtualization are going to change the face of HPC. If you want to understand why, check out what my friends Christian Kniep and Josh Simons have been up to on those fronts.

Ancillary Events & Special Booth Sessions at SC14


SC14 is world’s largest gathering of HPC professionals, and the smart money is on the organizations that leverage the show for their own gatherings, meetups, special booth sessions, and user groups.