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LSU Powers Up SuperMike-II, A Hybrid SMP Cluster from Dell

Louisiana State University has announced the addition of the SuperMike-II, a hybrid cluster with Nvidia GPU accelerators and large-memory symmetric multiprocessing. Named after LSU’s original Supermike Linux cluster, the 212 teraflop system is 10 times faster than its immediate predecessor, Tezpur. Built by Dell, Inc., the $2.6 million SuperMike-II features a total of 440 compute […]

Video: Dell Powers Genomics Research Computing at SC12

In this video, Glen Otero from Dell discusses his Birds of Feather session on Personalized Medicine at SC12. The company is working with researchers to enable faster, more cost-effective genome sequencing to enable better healthcare for us all.

Video: Dell HPC Keeps Focus on Helping Researchers

In this video from SC12, Tim Carroll from from Dell discusses the company’s recent Stampede supercomputer installation at the Texas Advanced Computing Center and how the company focuses on helping researchers.

Xyratex Continues Momentum: Dell and HP to Sell ClusterStor HPC Solutions

In this video SC12, Mike Stoltz from Xyratex describes the company’s ClusterStor products for HPC. Xyratex recently announced that HP and Dell will resell ClusterStor to power their advanced HPC clusters.

Video: Dell’s PowerEdge C8000 for HPC

In this video, Dell’s Armando Acosta describes how the PowerEdge C8000 is a good fit for HPC applications. PowerEdge C servers have higher performance per watt, performance per U and performance per dollar than its closest competitor. Designed for performance and efficiency, PowerEdge C servers have a shared infrastructure: sharing chassis, fans and power supplies […]

Dell’s New High Density Server a House of Kepler

Nvidia’s Geoff Ballew writes that Dell’s new line of high-density PowerEdge servers are designed for a range of high-volume, enterprise HPC, Big Data” and hosting applications. The new systems will support Nvidia’s new Tesla K20 GPU accelerators, which are based on the Kepler architecture. The PowerEdge C8000 series will initially ship with Fermi-based Tesla M2090 […]

Video: Dell’s Project Copper ARM Servers

In this video, Dell’s Rafael Zamora describes a prototype from the company’s Project Copper, an ARM-based server platform that provides extremely high density (48 servers in 3U) and 50 percent less power consumption than comparable x86 devices. While not currently available to the public, Project Copper is a developers platform designed to seed an ecosystem […]

Dell Speeds Up NFS Storage for HPC

Over at the Dell HPC blog, Xin Chen writes that Dell’s new NFS storage solution is capable of 4000MB/s throughput while maintaining High Availability.   With the help of the PowerEdge R620 and FDR InfiniBand network connection, the NSS4-HA solution now achieves sequential read peak performance up to 4058 MB/sec! Sequential read/write performance: about 75 […]

Dell Clusters Power Mars Landing Sequence

NASA JPL was able to successfully land the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars yesterday with a little help from Dell HPC clusters. JPL’s Dell HPC clusters, Galaxy and Nebula, provided vital support to NASA’s Curiosity rover in analyzing the vast amounts of test data needed to correctly prepare the rover for entering the […]

Dell Super Helps US Navy Steer Clear of Dangerous Weather

Dell’s Christine Fronczak writes that the team at Fleet Numerical are using their Dell supercomputer to keep the Navy out of Harm’s Way. Following a tragic event where an unexpected storm in 2008 that lead to the death of a submarine crew, the U.S. Navy expanded a program to help the submarine fleet better predict […]