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Panasas Showcases Hybrid ActiveStor 14 at SC12

In this video from SC12, Geoffrey Noer from Panasas describes the hybrid storage capabilities of the new ActiveStor 14 system. The world’s fastest parallel storage system just got faster with Panasas ActiveStor 14. By accelerating small file and metadata performance with Solid State Drive (SSD) technology, ActiveStor 14 delivers extreme performance, for the technical computing […]

Video: DDN Ramps Up for Exascale at SC12

In this video from SC12, Jeff Denworth from Data Direct Networks describes the company’s high performance storage solutions for HPC. Used by 60 percent of the TOP100 supercomputers in the works, DDN recently announced a $100 Million dollar investment in Exascale technologies.

Video: Dell Powers Genomics Research Computing at SC12

In this video, Glen Otero from Dell discusses his Birds of Feather session on Personalized Medicine at SC12. The company is working with researchers to enable faster, more cost-effective genome sequencing to enable better healthcare for us all.

Video: Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor Overview at SC12

In this video from the Adaptive Computing booth theater at SC12, Mike Haedrich from Intel presents an overview of the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor. The latest version of Moab was designed to recognize and work with the new Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, based on the Intel Many Integrated Cores (MIC) technology. This ability to automatically […]

Demo: Altair RADIOSS Finite Element Analysis on Intel Xeon Phi at SC12

In this video from SC12, Eric Lequiniou, Director of High Performance Computing at Altair demonstrates a port of RADIOSS to the new Intel Xeon Phi that uses both explicit and implicit solvers.

Colfax Offers Powerhouse Xeon Phi Server and Code Optimization Course at SC12

In this video from SC12, Mike Fay from Colfax International describes the company’s new CXP9000 server with up to eight Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. After that, Vardim Karpusenko provides an overview of the company’s new training courses on optimizing code for Xeon Phi. Thanks to our close relationship with Intel and engagement in the early […]

University of Texas Team Wins SC12 Student Cluster Challenge

This year at SC12, University of Texas at Austin won the Student Cluster Competition, beating teams around the world, including the USA, Europe, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Germany, Russia and Taiwan. None of us expected to win, but we didn’t expect to lose either…we were thrilled,” said Craig Yeh, a third year Computer Science major […]

Demo: Intel Advisor XE 2013 Transforms Code for Xeon Phi at SC12

In this video from SC12, David R. Mackay from Intel demonstrates the Intel Advisor XE 2013, a design tool that helps you to transform serial code to run well on multicore hardware (such as the Intel Xeon Phi) by forecasting what might happen if the code executes in parallel. As a powerful programming tool. Advisor […]

Wilkie: SC12 was all about the Science

Over at Scientific Computing World, Tom Wilkie writes that SC12 was all about science. Nervousness about the commitment of the US Government and the Congress to this sort of long-term investment in technology could be seen at the official SC12 press conference, where Dona Crawford, associate director, Computation, at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, announced […]

Scalable Informatics Keeps Keen Eye on Real-World Storage Performance at SC12

In this video from SC12, Joe Landman from Scalable Informatics describes the company’s latest storage technologies for HPC. JackRabbit is a tightly coupled high performance computing and storage platform that integrates processing and network connectivity at prices starting at less than $1 per GB. siFlash is intended as a metadata server for parallel file systems, […]