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Using TACC Supercomputers to Design Safer Offshore Oil Platforms


Researchers are using TACC supercomputers to design next-generation of offshore floating platforms. “Technip has one of the largest computer clusters among engineering companies, but the simulations would take weeks to complete, said Jang Kim, Chief Technical Advisor at Technip. “Stampede has allowed us to run simulations in one day or even overnight. We are then able to get these safer designs out into use faster.”

Video: TACC’s Ranger Simulation Shows Event Horizon


Researchers are using TACC supercomputers to study the role of black holes in shaping the cosmos.

South African Student Cluster Champs Visit TACC in Austin


For the second time in as many years, TACC welcomed a new ‘cluster’ of students from South Africa to Austin as they prepare for the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) Student Cluster Competition this June.

Stockyard Corrals Big Data at TACC


“At SC13, TACC introduced Stockyard, a new global file system with 20 petabytes of storage; Maverick, our new data analysis and visualization system to be deployed in January 2014; and Wrangler, an innovative data resource to be deployed in January 2015.”

TACC Accepting Users on New “Rodeo” Science Cloud

TACC has announced that the center’s new Rodeo cloud computing offering is available for researchers that need large-scale resources, but prefer a virtualized, on-demand environment.

TACC to Deploy Maverick Super for Interactive Data Analysis

This week TACC announced that they will deploy Maverick in January 2014, a unique, powerful, high performance visualization and data analytics resource.

TACC to Test Pilot Toopher Authentication Technology

This week the Texas Advanced Computing Center announced plans to test pilot the Toopher Invisible Multifactor Authentication technology for secure access in TACC’s supercomputing environment.

TACC Powers Surgical Simulations

Researchers are using TACC supercomputers for surgical simulations that could save lives.

TACC’s Corral Powers Data-intensive Science


The Corral large-scale data repository at the Texas Advanced Computing Center now hosts 100 unique scientific research collections. From measurements of Earth’s gravity field to whale songs to mass spectrometry data, Corral’s usage is growing at 10% per month with over one petabyte of data and counting.

TACC Wrangler Supercomputer to Be One Tough Customer for Big Data


Wrangler will be one of the highest performance data analysis systems ever deployed, and will be the most replicated, secure storage for the national open science community.