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Oracle Ups Storage Ante with 5 Terabyte Tape Drive

By Chris Mellor • Get more from this author Oracle is increasing the capacity of its T10000 tape fivefold, doubling its I/O speed, and enabling a 5-exabyte tape library. The T10000 C (T10K C) tape has a 5TB native capacity – the highest in the industry – and the associated drive has a 240MB/sec throughput. […]

Fork it Over: Oracle Grid Engine Founders Move to Univa

Univa has announced that the principal engineers from the Sun/Oracle Grid Engine team, including Grid Engine founder and original project owner Fritz Ferstl, are joining the company and will immediately offer engineering support for existing Grid Engine deployments. Univa plans to release their own version of Grid Engine before the end of Q1 2011 and […]

Webcast: Oracle Grid Engine Product Road Map

In this webcast, Oracle’s Dan Templeton presents the key capabilities and product roadmap for Oracle Grid Engine, the popular resource brokering software previously available as open source from Sun Microsystems. Dan was careful to point out Oracle’s Grid Engine Product Forum for the Grid Engine Community and their Incubator Project, which is designed to facilitate […]

Inside Track: Oracle has Kicked Lustre to the Curb

Companies usually wind down the week before Christmas, so you don’t usually see them make a lot of strategic moves or announcements. And so it was with some marked astonishment that I received an anonymous tip that Oracle ceased development of Lustre right before the holidays. Not out of a job quite yet, Lustre engineers […]

Oracle Abandons Open Source Grid Engine has posted details of Oracle’s definitive plans to close down and stop work on the Open Source version of Grid Engine. Moving forward Grid Engine is now “Oracle Grid Engine” available as a commercially licensed software product. Oracle explicitly references open source Grid Engine fork now called Open Grid Scheduler. This is a relief to […]

Oracle Revisits Sparc T Processor Roadmap

By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author Three weeks ago, Oracle co-founder and chief executive officer, Larry Ellison, gave us all a preview of the upcoming Sparc T series processor roadmap as part of the rollout of the Sparc SuperCluster, an Exadata-style parallel database machine based on the current Sparc T3 processors. […]

Oracle Pulls Off Muzzle, Talks Up Lustre

Drew Robb writes that Oracle is starting to share more about its plans for the popular open source Lustre file system. Nothing in Lustre has been radically changed under Oracle,” said Jason Schaffer, senior director of product management for storage at Oracle. “We have an unwavering commitment to Lustre and its community as well as […]

Update: Sneak Peak at SC10 Plans from Oracle's Dark Tower

As reported here earlier this week, Oracle will indeed have a last-minute booth at SC10. In this booth preview, the company says it plans to showcase Sun ZFS Storage Appliances, StorageTek Tape Solutions, and storage software including Lustre, Sun Storage Archive Manager, QFS, Common Array Manager, and the Key Management System. The company will also […]

Oracle to Grace SC10

Just in: You just might be able to talk to Oracle about Lustre at SC10. According to a recent podcast report by Addison Snell at Intersect360 Research, Oracle has secured a small booth at SC10 to showcase their storage products including Lustre. At SC09, Sun Microsystems had a 20′ x 30′ exhibit. The company was […]

Oracle Tweaks Sun HPC Blades For Enterprise Clouds

Timothy Prickett Morgan over at the Register takes a look at new upgrades to Sun Blades from Oracle. These C48 systems were developed by Sun Microsystems for the HPC market, but are ideal for Oracle IT customers looking for high density and integrated high-speed networking. Sadly, the company will not be exhibiting at SC10, but […]